qtmux: Free tag string after use
[gstreamer-omap:gst-plugins-good.git] / gst / quicktime / gstqtmux.c
2011-04-12 Sebastian Drögeqtmux: Free tag string after use
2011-04-12 Lasse Laukkanenqtmux: allow zero duration tracks
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: add documentation
2011-04-12 David Hoytqtmux: handle msvc ftruncate incompatibility
2011-04-12 Alejandro Gonzalezqtmux: gst_qtmux_check_difference verify before subtract
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: remove remnant of obsolete property
2011-04-12 Marc-André Lureauqtmux: allow specifying trak timescale
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: include sdtp atoms for ismv fragmented files
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: enable default fragmented file for ismlmux
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: finalize sinkpads list
2011-04-12 Marc-André Lureauqtmux: add moov in streamheader
2011-04-12 Marc-André Lureauqtmux: add streamable property to avoid building fragme...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: add mfra to fragmented file
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: optionally create fragmented file
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: refactor configuring and sending of moov
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: refactor extra top-level atom handling
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: refactor slightly using buffer helper
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: fix misinforming comment
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: delegate mvex handling to atoms
2011-04-12 Marc-André Lureauqtmux: add mvex/trex in header if fragmented
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: avoid removing temp file when error occurred
2011-04-12 Marc-André Lureauqtmux: truncate buffer file after each send
2011-04-12 Marc-André Lureauqtmux: remove temp file when reset/finalize
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: prevent infinite loop when adjusting framerate
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Add G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Follow xmp serialization guidelines closer
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: autodetect out-of-order input timestamps and...
2011-04-12 Marc-André Lureauqtmux: use caps bitrate at last chance
2011-04-12 Arun Raghavanqtmux: Write 'btrt' atom for H.264 media if possible
2011-04-12 Arun Raghavanqtmux: Write avg/max bitrate to ESDS if available
2011-04-12 Edward Herveyqtmux: Don't use bogus codec/format tags
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Write uint tags that don't have a complement
2011-04-12 Edward Herveyqtmux: Remove the pad from our internal list before...
2011-04-12 David Schleefqtmux: Add VP8
2011-04-12 Tim-Philipp Müllerqtmux: init debug category before using it
2011-04-12 Benjamin Ottegst_element_class_set_details => gst_element_class_set_...
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Use xmp on mp4mux and gppmux too
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: add xmp support
2011-04-12 Michael Smithqtmux: Take lock around use of (non-threadsafe) tagsett...
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Use internal sink pads list
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: support for ALAC
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Adds moov recovery feature
2011-04-12 Michael Smithqtmux: handle muxing adpcm correctly.
2011-04-12 Michael Smithqtmux: endianness in gstreamer is an int, not boolean.
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: g_free is NULL safe
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Actually use new caps info on renegotiation
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Do caps renegotiation when it only adds fields
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: provide request pads under wider conditions
2011-04-12 Thiago SantosRename aac's stream-format 'none' to 'raw'
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Only accept stream-format='none' aac
2011-04-12 Stefan Kostqtmux: use correct names from template for request...
2011-04-12 Stefan Kostqtmux: move errors _new_pad to the end
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Accept non-paired uint tags
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Adds new tags
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: support more of j2k
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Maps 'classification' tag for 3gpp files
2011-04-12 Michael Smithqtmux: remove c++ comments and add some more comments.
2011-04-12 Michael Smithqtmux: add ima adpcm support
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: replace _scale with _scale_round
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: use timestamps for muxing
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: fix missing debug argument
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: fix misinforming debug statement
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: ensure writable buffer metadata before setting...
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: support for SVQ3
2011-04-12 Thiago Sousa Santosqtmux: do not leak a string
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: handle 'late' streams
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Adding some ifs for protection
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosgppmux: Add support for 3gr6
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Only push ftyp later (in faststart mode)
2011-04-12 Thiago Santosqtmux: Improve error message
2011-04-12 Jan Urbanskiqtmux: Don't require endianness field for 8 bit raw...
2011-04-12 Edward Herveyqtmux: Fix debug statement.
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: only use (64-bit) extended (mdat) atom size...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: set default movie timescale to microsecond units
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: add 3GP style tagging (and refactor appropriately)
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux (and variants): handle pixel-aspect-ratio. Fixes...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: use different stsd atom type for H263 for ISO...
2011-04-12 Christian SchallerAdd ranks to various muxers and encoders in -bad
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsqtmux: fix reusing element
2011-04-12 Wim Taymansqtmux: fix includes for lseek
2011-04-12 LRNwin32: fix seeking in large files
2011-04-12 Edward Herveyqtmux: Be a bit more verbose in our debug message when...
2011-04-12 Mark NauwelaertsAdditional media type support in qtmux (and friends).
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgst/quicktime/gstqtmux.c: Do not tempt or suggest to...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgst/quicktime/: Dual license qtmux LGPL/MIT. Fixes...
2011-04-12 Stefan KostTotally remove the internal taglists and fully use...
2011-04-12 David Schleefgst/quicktime/gstqtmux.c: Quiet a debugging message...
2011-04-12 David Schleefgst/quicktime/gstqtmux.*: Use dts from GST_BUFFER_OFFSE...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgst/quicktime/: Revert previous commit.
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgst/quicktime/: Dual license LGPL/MIT, as apparently...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgst/quicktime/: Cut detour in sample description extens...
2011-04-12 Mark Nauwelaertsgst/quicktime/gstqtmux.c: Add some more safety/sanity...
2011-04-12 Thiago Sousa SantosCopy qtmux from revision 148 of the gst-qtmux repository.