rtspsrc: implement more async handling
[gstreamer-omap:gst-plugins-good.git] / gst / rtsp / gstrtspsrc.c
2011-05-17 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: implement more async handling
2011-05-17 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: first attempt at async implementation
2011-04-05 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: handle * control correctly
2011-04-04 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: perform post-flush state tricks downstream...
2011-04-04 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: distribute new base_time to manager children...
2011-03-09 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: improve recovery from failed seek
2011-03-08 Tim-Philipp MüllerMerge ad-hoc release branch '0.10.28'
2011-02-14 Miguel Angel Cabre... rtspsrc: fix minor leaks when handling server requests.
2011-02-07 Stefan Kostrtspsrc: strip trailing spaces
2011-02-07 Stefan Kostrtpsrc: set multiple properties in one go
2011-01-20 Tim-Philipp Müllerrtspsrc: don't leak url string
2011-01-05 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: don't confuse return values
2011-01-03 Stefan Kostrtspsrc: remove unused variables when debug-logging...
2011-01-03 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: increase udp buffer size
2010-12-29 Tim-Philipp Müllerrtspsrc: serialise/deserialise floats without changing...
2010-12-23 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: on-npt-stop is a manager signal
2010-12-23 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: improve RTP session handling
2010-12-22 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: update rtspsrc docs, rtpbin is not in -bad any...
2010-12-10 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: mark DISCONT when resuming PLAY
2010-12-10 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: degrade gracefully upon failing seek and tweak...
2010-12-10 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: add and use auto buffering mode
2010-12-03 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: reset session manager base time when flushing
2010-12-03 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: include range request for all streams with...
2010-12-03 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: fix debug statement
2010-12-02 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: select multicast transports in a smarter way
2010-11-29 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: handle stale digest authentication session...
2010-10-19 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: fix duration reporting
2010-10-11 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: mark as a source
2010-09-28 René Stadlerrtspsrc: fix missing null-terminator in protocols array
2010-09-24 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: don't add /UDP in the transport, it's the...
2010-09-10 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: don't clear sdp when set as uri
2010-09-10 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: use sdp uri parse method
2010-09-10 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: add rtsp-sdp protocol support
2010-09-06 American Dynamicsrtspsrc: Add property to configure udpsrc buffer size
2010-09-06 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: implement custom event handler
2010-09-04 Sebastian Drögertspsrc: Don't use GST_FLOW_IS_FATAL() and GST_FLOW_IS_...
2010-08-04 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: don't reuse udp sockets
2010-08-04 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: improve error and warning message
2010-07-26 Arnaud Vracrtspsrc: add port-range property to rtspsrc
2010-07-26 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: fix memory leak in server request reply
2010-06-18 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: fix locking after moving things around
2010-06-18 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: make some errors as warnings
2010-06-18 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: factor out the connections
2010-06-18 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: add non-aggregate control
2010-06-14 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: respect aggregate control attributes
2010-06-04 Wim Taymansrtsp: try all ranges from the sdp
2010-06-04 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: make parse_range return result
2010-05-07 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: don't leak the session
2010-05-07 Wim Taymansrtsp: configure bandwidth properties in the session
2010-05-07 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: fall back to SDP ports instead of server_port
2010-05-07 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: refactor collecting the transport info
2010-05-07 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: handle servers that send broken Transports
2010-05-06 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: use the SDP connection info in multicast
2010-05-04 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: make setup url in a smarter way
2010-05-04 Alessandro Decinartspsrc: handle SEEKING queries.
2010-04-05 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: add property to control the buffering method
2010-03-21 Benjamin OtteAdd -Wwrite-strings to the configure flags
2010-03-19 Wim Taymansrtsp: use GType from -base and bump required version
2010-03-18 Benjamin Ottegst_element_class_set_details => gst_element_class_set_...
2010-03-17 Benjamin OtteAdd -Wredundant-decls warning flag
2010-03-17 Benjamin OtteAdd -Wmissing-declarations -Wmissing-prototypes warning...
2010-03-15 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: don't forget to send keepalive messages
2010-03-11 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: check for NULL before doing strcmp
2010-03-10 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: parse connection information
2010-03-10 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: require a destination for multicast
2010-03-10 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: handle ipv6 listening ports when needed
2010-03-10 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: send keep alive when paused
2010-03-08 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: configure multicast correctly
2010-02-16 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: avoid stopping NULL tasks
2010-02-16 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: fix typo in debug message
2010-02-12 Wim Taymansrtpbin: pass running_time to jitterbuffer pause
2010-02-12 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: cleanup properties
2010-02-01 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: free transports on errors
2010-01-05 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: fix on-npt-stop signal warnings for RDT
2009-12-24 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: fix some comments, remove property check
2009-12-24 Thiago Santosrtspsrc: Parse all rtpinfo entries
2009-12-10 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: handle NULL and empty transport strings
2009-12-10 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: install event function on internal RTCP pad
2009-12-04 Tim-Philipp Müllerrtspsrc: fix major memory leak when playing back rtsp...
2009-11-18 Bastien NoceraAdd user-id and user-pw properties
2009-10-15 Wim Taymansrtsp: handle events in TCP mode
2009-10-14 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: forward events into the rtpbin
2009-09-25 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: if transport protocol unsupported, try another one
2009-09-08 Arnout Vandecappellertspsrc: fix memory leak
2009-08-03 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: don't add non-utf8 chars to structures
2009-08-03 Luc Deschenauxrtspsrc: put all SDP attributes on caps
2009-07-09 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: do not leak timeout message
2009-06-23 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: use same protocols after redirect
2009-06-12 Patrick Radizirtspsrc: Add RTP blocksize functionality
2009-06-04 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: set the right state on rtpbin
2009-05-25 Patrick Radizirtspsrc: fix memory leak of messages
2009-05-24 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: make fakesrc silent
2009-05-24 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: don't send teardown before setup
2009-05-04 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: Fix find_stream_by_* functions
2009-05-04 Chris Winterrtspsrc: fix dummy nat packet logic
2009-05-04 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: avoid errors after server eof
2009-05-04 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: also set base_time on src after flush
2009-05-04 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: sanity checks on range info
2009-05-04 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: use SKIP flag to use SCALE headers
2009-04-29 Wim Taymansrtspsrc: release state lock before stopping task