tag: xmp: Remove extra chars from end of xmp packet
[gstreamer-omap:gst-plugins-base.git] / gst-plugins-base.spec.in
2011-06-18 Tim-Philipp MüllerBump git version after unplanned 0.10.35 release
2011-06-15 Christian Fredrik... Add gobject introspection files to spec
2011-06-15 Christian Fredrik... remove old v4l plugin from spec file
2011-05-19 Christian Fredrik... Add new header file
2011-04-09 Christian Fredrik... Add new header file to spec file
2011-01-06 christian schallerUpdate spec file with discoverer and encodebinchanges
2010-01-07 Christian SchallerAdd missing source file for tagger to Makefile and...
2009-09-30 Christian F.K. Sch... Add missing file to spec file
2009-07-22 Christian SchallerUpdate spec file with latest changes
2009-06-19 Christian SchallerMake build of schro plugin conditional
2009-05-25 Christian SchallerUpdate spec file
2009-03-12 Jan UrbanskiSpec: fix up deps
2009-02-10 Christian SchallerUpdate spec file with latest additions and changes...
2008-02-07 Christian Schallercommit spec file update which includes all the split...
2007-10-26 Christian Schallerupdate spec file
2007-09-07 Christian Schallerupdate spec file to include latest RTSP libraries and...
2007-05-18 Christian Schallerupdate spec
2007-04-10 Christian Schallerupdate spec file for RTP changes
2007-03-23 Christian Schallerupdate spec file
2007-03-04 Thomas Vander Stichelerename utils to pbutils
2007-02-13 Christian Schalleradd header file for easy codec install
2007-01-12 Christian Schalleradd latest files
2006-12-15 Thomas Vander Sticheleadd doap file
2006-10-31 Wim Taymansgst-plugins-base.spec.in: spec new .h file. Fixes ...
2006-09-27 Christian Schalleradd new header file to spec
2006-06-19 Christian Schallerupdate for latest changes
2006-04-11 Christian Schallerfix version number macro
2006-01-31 Christian Schallerupdate with latest files
2006-01-13 Christian Schallerremove version suffix
2006-01-11 Christian Schallerupdate spec.in file
2005-12-12 Christian Schallerupdates to activate cdparanoia plugin
2005-12-04 Christian Schalleradd pango plugin to spec
2005-11-30 Christian Schallerlatest updates on spec file after thomas's refactoring
2005-11-29 Christian Schallerupdate spec file for latest file changes
2005-11-27 Thomas Vander Sticheleadd ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS
2005-11-23 Christian Schallerfix ximage plugin statement
2005-11-23 Thomas Vander Sticheleremove sinesrc from the build
2005-11-22 Tim-Philipp MüllerRename libgsttagedit to libgsttag (#322117).
2005-10-21 Christian Schallerupdate for latest changes
2005-09-19 Christian Schallerremove more register crap
2005-09-19 Christian Schallerremove gst-register requirement from spec file
2005-09-19 Christian Schallerupdate spec file for rtpbase class
2005-09-03 Thomas Vander Sticheleupdating docs build
2005-09-02 Thomas Vander Sticheleremove some plugins
2005-08-24 Christian Schalleradd audioresample to spec file
2005-08-19 Christian Schallerfix up spec to keep it working
2005-07-21 Christian Schallerremove gconf stuff from spec file
2005-07-14 Christian Schalleradd latest rpt stuff
2005-07-07 Christian Schallerfix spec file
2005-07-04 Christian Schallerfix spec file so it works with latest changes
2005-06-23 Christian Schalleradd videorate plugin to needed files
2005-05-06 Christian Schalleradding two more plugins to base
2005-05-05 Christian Schallerfurther fixes to make gst-register work nicely
2005-05-05 Christian Schallerfix build so you can make dist and create rpms