h264parse: remove a check made useless by the last commit
[gstreamer-omap:gst-plugins-bad.git] / configure.ac
2011-07-15 Tim-Philipp MüllerWe need core/base from git
2011-07-07 David Schleefopus: duplicate from CELT
2011-07-04 David Schleefinter: new intermediate surface plugin
2011-06-26 Raimo Järviwininet: Fix configure check by including windows.h
2011-06-26 Raimo Järvid3dvideosink: Fix configure check and makefiles
2011-06-07 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: require GLib >= 2.24
2011-06-06 Stefan Kostaudiovisualizers: rename scopes plugin to audiovisualizers
2011-06-06 Stefan Kostscopes: first version of a scopes plugin using a new...
2011-06-05 David Schleefinvtelecine: Remove in favor of fieldanalysis
2011-06-05 David Schleefd3dvideosink: Add plugin
2011-06-01 Alessandro Decinaconfigure.ac: fix avc check so that it tries to link...
2011-05-30 Laura Lucas Aldayfaceoverlay: Add element that displays an SVG image...
2011-05-25 Tim-Philipp Müllermpeg2enc: fix build with 1.9.0 release again after...
2011-05-23 Mark Nauwelaertsconfigure.ac: bump -core/-base requirement to 0.10...
2011-05-23 Andoni Morales Ala... teletextdec: New teletext decoder plugin based in zvbi
2011-05-23 Sebastian Drögeopenal: Add new OpenAL sink element
2011-05-19 Thiago Santosconfigure: add missing [
2011-05-18 David Schleefconfigure: switch libcdaudio to pkg-config
2011-05-18 David Schleefavc: attempt new configure
2011-05-18 David Schleefavc: Add AVC Video Services plugin for OS/X
2011-05-14 Sebastian Drögeamrwbenc: Switch to the free vo-amrwbenc library
2011-05-14 benjamin gaignardvoaacenc: Add new plugin for audio AAC encoder based...
2011-05-14 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development
2011-05-10 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.22 RELEASE-0.10.22
2011-04-30 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.21.4 pre-release
2011-04-28 Sebastian Drögedecklink: Check for pthread.h and link with -lpthread
2011-04-27 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.21.3 pre-release
2011-04-22 Fabrizio Miloopencv: make work with openCV 2.2
2011-04-17 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Fix linsys/decklink checks for Linux
2011-04-17 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.21.2 pre-release
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: fix --disable-external
2011-04-14 David SchleefBump orc requirement to 0.4.11
2011-04-13 Tim-Philipp Müllerqtmux: remove qtmux plugin, it has moved to -good
2011-04-13 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Fix libexif pkg-config check
2011-04-08 Tim-Philipp Müllerbaseparse: remove -bad version of baseparse library...
2011-04-08 Tim-Philipp MüllerRemove audioparsers plugin, it has been moved to -good
2011-04-07 Olivier Crêteshm: Fix MSG_NOSIGNAL check
2011-03-30 Sebastian Drögeconfigure.ac: Add hls plugin
2011-03-30 Andoni Morales Ala... hlsdemux: Add HTTP live streaming demuxer element
2011-03-24 David Schleefdecklink: Fix win32 build
2011-03-24 David Schleefpatchdetect: new element
2011-03-24 David Schleefdecklink: Add decklink plugin
2011-03-24 David Schleeflinsys: Add plugin for Linear Systems SDI boards
2011-03-24 David Schleefsdi: Add raw SDI muxing/demuxing elements
2011-03-22 Luis de Bethencourtconfigure.ac: redundant uses of AC_MSG_RESULT()
2011-03-17 Olivier Crêteshm: Check for MSG_NOSIGNAL macro
2011-03-11 Tim-Philipp Müllerbuild: remove more tarkin/theoraexp build cruft
2011-03-10 David Schleeftheora,tarkin: Remove ancient unused code
2011-03-07 Sebastian Drögesoundtouch: The pkg-config file in version 1.5 is calle...
2011-03-07 David Schleefzebrastripe: New element
2011-03-02 Sebastian Drögeceltenc: Fix compilation with celt >= 0.11.0
2011-03-01 Robert Swainfieldanalysis: Add fieldanalysis element
2011-03-01 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: also check for platform socket headers neede...
2011-02-28 Tim-Philipp Müllercurl: add configure check and hook up to build system
2011-02-28 Mark Nauwelaertsconfigure.ac: cygwin/mingw; enable plugin linking to...
2011-02-28 Mark Nauwelaertsconfigure.ac: export plugin description more platform...
2011-02-20 David Schleefcolorspace: Add 16-bit-per-channel handling
2011-02-17 David Schleefbaseparse: Create baseparse library
2011-02-17 Janne Grunaumpegtsdemux: add MPEG TS demuxer rewrite from Edward...
2011-02-07 Mark Nauwelaertsconfigure.ac: set GST_LIB_LDFLAGS
2011-02-01 Tim-Philipp Müllerid3mux: map new GST_TAG_ENCODED_BY to ID3v2 TENC frame
2011-01-30 Sjoerd Simonsrtpvp8: Add simple payloaders and depayloaders for VP8
2011-01-28 Mark Nauwelaertsh263parse: move to videoparsers and separate plugin...
2011-01-28 Arun Raghavanh263parse: Add an h263parse element
2011-01-24 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development
2011-01-21 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.21
2011-01-18 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.20.4 pre-release
2011-01-11 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.20.3 pre-release
2011-01-08 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.20.2 pre-release
2011-01-07 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: fix --disable-external
2011-01-07 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: use $LIBM instead of hard-coding -lm
2011-01-02 Tim-Philipp Müllerjack: move plugin to gst-plugins-good
2010-12-31 Tim-Philipp Müllerselector: move input-selector and output-selector to...
2010-12-31 Tim-Philipp Müllervalve: move valve element/plugin to core
2010-12-29 Vincent Penquerc'hconfigure: use -pthread for xvid configure check
2010-12-23 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: Move basecamerasrc to gst-libs
2010-12-14 David Schleefy4mdec: Add y4mdec
2010-12-08 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: adds location property
2010-12-08 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: Keep it under --enable-experimental
2010-12-08 Thiago Santosexamples: Adds camerabin2 example
2010-12-08 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: viewfinderbin: Adds viewfinderbin element
2010-12-08 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: require released versions of core/base inste...
2010-12-08 Mart Raudseppdvbsuboverlay: initial version, work in progress
2010-11-30 Sebastian Drögejp2kdecimator: Add a JPEG2000 decimator element
2010-11-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: we still require Gtk+ >= 2.14.0 when compili...
2010-11-05 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: don't even check for Gtk+ if --disable-examp...
2010-11-05 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: add --with-gtk option and default to Gtk...
2010-11-05 Tim-Philipp Müllertests: add very simple zbar unit test
2010-10-28 Ole André Vadla... applemedia: New plugin for Apple multimedia APIs
2010-10-05 Tim-Philipp Mülleralsaspdif: remove alsaspdifsink element
2010-09-26 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: set plugin release datetime
2010-09-21 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Use -DGST_DISABLE_DEPRECATED again for GIT...
2010-09-17 Sebastian Drögecog: Allow compilation without orc
2010-09-15 Stefan Kostmetadata: remove metadata plugin
2010-09-14 David Schleefcolorspace: Revive element
2010-09-09 Edward Herveyconfigure.ac: Remove dependency on libswscale
2010-09-09 Tim-Philipp Mülleropencv: define CV_NO_BACKWARD_COMPATIBILITY to suppress...
2010-09-08 Thiago Santosopencv: Adds new plugin opencv
2010-09-07 Tim-Philipp MüllerUse AG_GST_CHECK_GST_PLUGINS_{GOOD,UGLY,BAD,FFMPEG...
2010-09-06 Tristan Matthewsexamples: add test to demonstrate jack_client_t usage