kmssink: Port to the Gstreamer 1.0 API
[gstreamer-omap:gst-plugins-bad.git] / docs / plugins / gst-plugins-bad-plugins.hierarchy
2012-11-21 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 1.0.3
2012-10-25 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development (bug fixing)
2012-10-25 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 1.0.2
2012-10-07 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 1.0.1
2012-09-17 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: update
2012-09-14 Sebastian Drögedocs: Update plugin docs
2012-09-14 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: update docs
2012-06-07 Sebastian DrögeRelease 0.11.92
2012-04-12 Sebastian DrögeRelease 0.11.90
2012-04-06 Mark NauwelaertsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/0.10'
2012-04-05 Thibault SaunierMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/0.10'
2012-04-04 Sebastian DrögeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/0.10'
2012-04-02 Sebastian DrögeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/0.10'
2012-03-29 Sebastian DrögeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/0.10'
2012-03-22 Wim TaymansRelease 0.11.2
2012-02-23 Tim-Philipp MüllerBump version after release
2012-02-21 Wim TaymansMerge branch 'master' into 0.11
2012-02-20 Wim TaymansMerge branch 'master' into 0.11
2012-02-17 Wim TaymansRELEASE 0.11.1
2011-08-04 Wim TaymansMerge branch 'master' into 0.11
2011-07-13 Olivier Crêtedocs: Revert wrongly committed changes to .args/.hierarchy
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêteexamples/camerabin: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-08 Stefan Kostdocs: add camerabin2 to the docs and update the doc...
2011-06-17 Jan Schmidtupdate docs generated files
2011-06-15 Wim TaymansMerge branch 'master' into 0.11
2011-06-06 Stefan Kostdocs: add new audiovisualizers to the plugin docs
2011-05-19 Stefan Kostdocs: update plugin introspection data
2011-05-10 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.22 RELEASE-0.10.22
2011-04-30 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.21.4 pre-release
2011-04-27 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.21.3 pre-release
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: update docs for pre-release
2011-03-04 Wim TaymansMerge branch 'master' into 0.11
2011-03-01 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: update docs for recent changes in git
2011-02-28 Wim TaymansMerge branch 'master' into 0.11
2011-01-24 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development
2011-01-08 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: update docs
2011-01-02 Tim-Philipp Müllerjack: move plugin to gst-plugins-good
2010-12-31 Tim-Philipp Müllerselector: move input-selector and output-selector to...
2010-12-31 Tim-Philipp Müllervalve: move valve element/plugin to core
2010-09-08 Thiago Santosopencv: Adds new plugin opencv
2010-09-07 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: update plugin introspection data for recent changes
2010-09-04 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development
2010-09-02 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: update for release
2010-08-30 Sebastian Dröge0.10.19.5 pre-release
2010-08-21 Sebastian Dröge0.10.19.4 pre-release
2010-08-11 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.19.3 pre-release
2010-08-11 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.19.2 pre-release
2010-08-04 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Check if the compiler supports ISO C89 or...
2010-08-04 Sebastian Drögecoloreffects: Add to the documentation
2010-08-03 Sebastian Drögedocs: Add lots of gaudieffects/geometrictransform symbo...
2010-07-03 Sebastian Drögedocs: Integrate VP8 documentation
2010-05-31 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.19
2010-05-14 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: remove more cruft related to plugins that have...
2010-03-06 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.18
2010-02-12 Sebastian Drögedocs: Update documentation
2010-01-29 Stefan Kostdocs: update of the plugin docs, adding new introspect...
2010-01-27 Mark Nauwelaertsaudioparsers: rename baseparse GType name to avoid...
2010-01-25 Sebastian Drögedataurisrc: Add docs and integrate into build system
2010-01-05 Mark Nauwelaertsaudioparsers: add some missing documentation pieces
2009-12-08 Sebastian Drögeassrender: Add docs and integrate into the docs build...
2009-11-17 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.17
2009-10-21 Jan Schmidtrelease 0.10.15
2009-10-02 Stefan Kostdocs: add zbar plugin
2009-08-31 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: update plugin docs for git version
2009-08-29 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.14
2009-08-11 Tim-Philipp MüllerMove rtpmanager from -bad to -good.
2009-07-22 Stefan Kostdocs: add docs for ladspa and update plugin docs
2009-06-25 Mark Nauwelaertscapssetter: import element into -bad
2009-06-18 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.13
2009-06-01 Sebastian Drögeshapewipe: Add documentation and integrate into the...
2009-05-20 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.12
2009-04-22 Sebastian Drögemxf: Add documentation to mxfmux and update the docs
2009-03-21 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.11
2009-02-25 Stefan Kostdocs: update docs to add camerabin and its figure
2009-01-23 Sebastian DrögeRename audioresample files and types to legacyresample
2009-01-19 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.10
2008-12-16 Sebastian DrögeAdd initial documentation for the MXF plugin and mxfdemux.
2008-11-28 Sebastian DrögeUpdate audioresample documentation for the new element...
2008-11-27 Sebastian DrögeIntegrate the moved audioresample into the build system...
2008-11-13 Stefan Kostdocs/plugins/: Update docs.
2008-10-24 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.9
2008-08-21 Leandro Melo de... Add dccp plugin. Fixes #542390.
2008-08-12 Mark NauwelaertsUpdate and add documentation for mplex.
2008-08-07 Stefan Kostdocs/plugins/: docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-jack.xml
2008-08-06 Sebastian Drögedocs/plugins/: Add twolame and celt plugins to the...
2008-07-31 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.8
2008-07-10 Stefan KostDocument one more.
2008-06-13 Stefan Kostdocs/plugins/: docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-mythtv.xml
2008-05-22 Sebastian Drögedocs/plugins/: Add interleave/deinterleave to the docs...
2008-04-24 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.7
2008-02-21 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.6 - A Big Deep Breath
2008-02-08 Jan SchmidtRemove multifile plugin, which has moved to -good
2008-02-08 Jan SchmidtRemove spectrum plugin, which has moved to -good
2008-02-08 Jan Schmidtdocs/plugins/gst-plugins-bad-plugins.*: Remove equalize...
2008-02-07 Jan SchmidtRemove lpwsinc and bpwsinc elements - they've become...
2008-01-31 Wouter CloetensMake coding style more consistent, including class...
2008-01-30 Wouter Cloetensext/soup/gstsouphttpsrc.c: Update documentation a bit.
2008-01-29 Stefan Kostdocs/plugins/: Add base classes for metadata and equali...
2008-01-29 Stefan KostReplace the switch plugin with the selector plugin...
2008-01-24 Stefan Kostdocs/plugins/: Now we have full hierarchy.