2011-07-18 Alessandro... h264parse: remove a check made useless by the last... master
2011-07-18 Alessandro... h264parse: assume byte-stream if stream-format and...
2011-07-18 Alessandro... h264parse: ignore codec_data if stream-format=byte...
2011-07-18 Edward Herveytsdemux: Use standalone PES parser
2011-07-18 Edward Herveympegtsdemux: Add standalone PES parser
2011-07-17 Edward Herveympegdefs: clarify some stream ids
2011-07-16 Edward Herveytsdemux: whoops, tsdemux isn't ready yet for primary...
2011-07-16 Edward Herveympegtsbase/tsdemux: Cleanups and comments
2011-07-16 Edward Herveytsdemux: Fix newsegment creation for push mode
2011-07-16 Edward Herveympegtsbase: Store incoming newsegments
2011-07-15 Tim-Philipp... tagmux: const-ify GstTagList argument of render vfuncs
2011-07-15 Tim-Philipp... tagmux: fix up private base class header so it can...
2011-07-15 Tim-Philipp... We need core/base from git
2011-07-15 Raluca Elena... tests: camerabin2: fix name of 'image-done' bus message
2011-07-15 Mark Nauwelaertspcapparse: rename offset property to ts-offset
2011-07-14 Tim-Philipp... vdpau: fix some variable-set-but-unused compiler warnings
2011-07-14 Alessandro... mpegtsbase: actually set seen_pat=TRUE when we see...
2011-07-14 Alessandro... neonhttpsrc: implement URI query
2011-07-14 Edward Herveympegtsbase: Split up whether we saw a PAT and its offset
2011-07-14 Mark Nauwelaertspcapparse: properly apply ts offset
2011-07-14 Mark Nauwelaertspcapparse: optionally output relative timestamps, possi...
2011-07-14 Mark Nauwelaertspcapparse: also support extracting tcp data
2011-07-14 Tim-Philipp... tests: add some more unit test binaries to .gitignore
2011-07-13 Olivier Crêtedocs: Revert wrongly committed changes to .args/.hierarchy
2011-07-13 Olivier Crêtempegvideoparse: Restore some unused variables as comments
2011-07-13 Olivier Crêtempegtsdemux: Restore erroneously removed data++
2011-07-13 Olivier Crêtempegdemux: Restore erroneously removed data++
2011-07-13 Sebastian Drögeschroedinger: Fix compilation and set-but-not-used...
2011-07-13 Sebastian Drögediracenc: Fix compilation by including the new gstbasev...
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêteexamples/camerabin: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtejp2k: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêteresindvd: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtecog: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtedvb: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtevideomeasure: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtetta: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtesdi: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtevp8: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtertpvp8: Reject unknown bitstream versions
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtevideoparsers: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtepcapparse: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtempegvideoparse: Fix set-but-unused warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtempegdemux: Fix unused-but-set warnings
2011-07-12 Olivier Crêtempegtsdemux: Fix unused-but-set warnings
2011-07-12 Sameer Naikmpegtsmux: fix segfault if gst_collect_pads_pop ()...
2011-07-11 Sebastian Drögebasevideodecoder: First inform subclass about resetting...
2011-07-11 Sebastian Drögebasevideodecoder: Track present position on discont...
2011-07-11 Sebastian Drögebasevideodecoder: Also protect the list of pending...
2011-07-11 Sebastian Drögebasevideocodec: Protect access to the list of pending...
2011-07-11 Sebastian Drögebasevideodecoder: Set the correct lists to NULL after...
2011-07-11 Sebastian Drögebasevideodecoder: Work with a copy of the GstVideoState...
2011-07-09 Sebastian Drögebasevideo: Move the utils from the codec header to...
2011-07-09 Sebastian Drögevp8enc: Use destroy notify to free the coder hook
2011-07-09 Sebastian Drögebasevideo: Use GSlice for allocating GstVideoFrame...
2011-07-09 Sebastian Drögebasevideodecoder: Don't reorder serialized src events
2011-07-09 Sebastian Drögebasevideo: Add the caps to the GstVideoState and clean...
2011-07-09 Sebastian Drögebasevideo: Add destroy notify for the coder_hook to...
2011-07-08 Sebastian Drögemxfdemux: Properly return seeking errors if the request...
2011-07-08 Stefan Kostinter: add ignore file for intermediate files
2011-07-08 Stefan Kostdocs: add camerabin2 to the docs and update the doc...
2011-07-08 Stefan Kostcamerabin2: don't mess with camerabin (1) namespace
2011-07-08 Stefan Kostdocs: keep section file sorted
2011-07-08 Stefan Kostscaletempo: improve the docs
2011-07-07 David Schleefopus: duplicate from CELT
2011-07-07 David Schleefdecklink: HD modes are square pixels
2011-07-04 David Schleefdiracparse: make diracparse work correctly
2011-07-04 David Schleefdecklink: properly set up analog input
2011-07-04 David Schleefdecklink: Add more modes
2011-07-04 David Schleefinter: new intermediate surface plugin
2011-07-04 David Schleefcolorspace: Add JPEG YCbCr matrix
2011-07-04 David Schleefvp8enc: update for new libvpx api
2011-06-27 David Schleefy4mdec: Fix buffer duration
2011-06-26 Alexey Fishervp8enc: generate a timestamp for alt-ref frames.
2011-06-26 Raimo Järviwininet: Fix configure check by including windows.h
2011-06-26 Raimo Järvid3dvideosink: Fix configure check and makefiles
2011-06-25 David Schleeftta: decrease rank to NONE
2011-06-25 Alexey Fishervp8dec: add check if we have legal aspect-ratio before...
2011-06-23 Tim-Philipp... camerabin2: don't use GLib 2.28 API
2011-06-23 David SchleefAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-06-23 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: Set tagsetters to merge replace mode
2011-06-23 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: Use a single location for both modes
2011-06-23 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: Send serialized custom events for filename...
2011-06-23 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: No need to change state of the whole image...
2011-06-23 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: Use names for image and video encodebin
2011-06-23 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: Remove unused variable
2011-06-23 Thiago Santostests: camerabin2: Adds new test to check image locatio...
2011-06-23 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: Minor debug message fix
2011-06-23 Thiago Santosexamples: camerabin2: Adds performance measurement...
2011-06-22 Mark Nauwelaertslegacyh264parse: create correct avc codec-data
2011-06-21 Mark Nauwelaertslegacyh264parse: fix output caps alignment for avc...
2011-06-21 Mark Nauwelaertsh264parse: avc input must either pass-through or be...
2011-06-21 Mark Nauwelaertsh264parse: avoid bogus frame parsing state
2011-06-20 David Schleefdecklink: update DeckLink API wrappers
2011-06-20 David Schleefdecklink: Add connection type
2011-06-20 Rafael Dinizdecklinksink: Add audio support
2011-06-20 David Schleefdecklink: Add various features
2011-06-20 David Schleefdecklink: remove unused code
2011-06-20 David Schleefdecklink: reindent
2011-06-17 Thiago Santostsdemux: only free the index array if it exists
2011-06-17 Jan Schmidtupdate docs generated files