2012-10-04 Vincent Penquerc'hh264parser: add poc calculation
2012-10-03 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: fix cropping with software decoders
2012-10-03 Vincent Penquerc'hh264parse: do not send PPS and SPS alone in byte-stream...
2012-10-02 Thibault Saunierdri2videosink, pvrvideosink: Accept height up to 2048...
2012-09-26 Thibault Saunierpvrvideosink: Limit size to 1080p as it is a hardware...
2012-09-26 Thibault Saunierdri2videosink: Limit size to 2k as it is the maximum...
2012-09-26 Thibault Saunierdri2videosink: Limit size to 1080p as it is a hardware...
2012-09-19 Vincent Penquerc'hh264parse: do not use VUI values if they were not found...
2012-09-19 Vincent Penquerc'hdrm: do not dereference a NULL pointer
2012-09-11 Vincent Penquerc'hdrm: do not dereference a NULL pointer
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hdrm: add a signal for notifying when a buffer is return...
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hAdd a pkg-config file for the drm lib
2012-09-06 Thibault Saunierdrm and dri: Enhance debug messages
2012-09-04 Thibault Saunierdri2 and drm: Pass through gst-indent
2012-08-23 Vincent Penquerc'hdrmbufferpool: fix dmabuf leak
2012-08-16 Mark Nauwelaertscodecparsers: mpeg4: do not expect a marker bit where...
2012-08-03 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: fix a crash on resizing the window
2012-08-03 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: deinterlaced interlaced input
2012-08-03 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: DRI2 stride has a pixel constraint,...
2012-08-02 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: fix window/video width confusion
2012-08-02 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: copy correct number of bytes for interla...
2012-08-02 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: copy buffers which do not match strides...
2012-07-24 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: bump rank to PRIMARY + 1
2012-07-24 Vincent Penquerc'hkmssink: bump rank to PRIMARY + 1
2012-07-20 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: destroy context only whe window is destroyed
2012-07-18 Vincent Penquerc'hh264parse: add num-ref-frames in caps
2012-07-11 Vincent Penquerc'hh264parse: delay setting passthrough mode when waiting...
2012-07-11 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2: link libgstdrm in-tree
2012-07-11 Vincent Penquerc'hkms: add missing backslash in lib list
2012-07-10 Vincent Penquerc'hkmssink: link to our in-tree libgstbasevideo
2012-07-10 Vincent Penquerc'hh264parse: do not use a buffer after it was unreffed
2012-07-10 Vincent Penquerc'hh264parse: split interlaced fields in separate packets
2012-07-10 Vincent Penquerc'hRevert "h264parse: disable some optimizations with...
2012-07-09 Vincent Penquerc'hpvrvideosink: fix unwanted scaling on cropped videos
2012-06-28 Vincent Penquerc'hh264parse: wait to get resolution before pushing buffers
2012-06-28 Vincent Penquerc'hdrmbufferpool: give this code a separate debug category
2012-06-27 Vincent Penquerc'hpvrvideosink: recreate the pool on new caps in buffer...
2012-06-27 Vincent Penquerc'hpvrvideosink: actually print caps
2012-06-27 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2ideosink: fix caps equality check
2012-06-27 Vincent Penquerc'hpvrvideosink: fix caps equality check
2012-06-27 Vincent Penquerc'hlibgstdrm: use gst_caps_is_strictly_equal instead of...
2012-06-26 Vincent Penquerc'hpvrvideosink: get rid of the dependency on dri2_omap_ws.h
2012-06-25 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: reenable the memcpy on slow path
2012-06-25 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: avoid possible aliasing and locale issues
2012-06-25 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: do not crash when XOpenDisplay fails
2012-06-25 Vincent Penquerc'hdrmbufferpool: fix device leak
2012-06-25 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: fix more leaks
2012-06-25 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: fix caps leak
2012-06-25 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: refcount dri2window
2012-06-25 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: fix a few leaks, mostly on error
2012-06-25 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2videosink: unset variables before freeing their...
2012-06-25 Rob ClarkWIP: start adding dri2videosink
2012-06-25 Rob Clarkdrmbufferpool: make it possible to subclass
2012-06-25 Rob Clarkkmssink: use gst_buffer_replace
2012-06-22 Vincent Penquerc'hpvrvideosink: bump rank to PRIMARY+1
2012-06-22 Vincent Penquerc'hpvrvideosink: fix leaks on error paths
2012-06-21 Vincent Penquerc'hpvrvideosink: fix context leak by refcounting it
2012-06-21 Vincent Penquerc'hkmssink: round strides to match what gstreamer expects
2012-06-20 Alessandro... drm: link to libgstdmabuf-0.10
2012-06-18 Alessandro... pvrvideosink: port to dmabuf
2012-06-18 Alessandro... Add drm/ to
2012-06-18 Alessandro... kmssink: move boilerplate decl on top to avoid compiler...
2012-06-18 Alessandro... kmssink: build fixes
2012-06-14 Rob Clarkkmssink: do modeset
2012-06-14 Rob Clarkkmssink: don't allow visible buffer to return to pool
2012-06-14 Rob Clarkkmssink: use drm bufferpool and dmabuf to for zero...
2012-06-12 Rob Clarkdrm: add GstDRMBufferPool
2012-05-24 Alessandro... kmssink: share the drm fd with other elements in the...
2012-05-24 Alessandro... kmssink: make sure the connector property is initialize...
2012-05-24 Alessandro... kmssink: make the connector id a property
2012-05-24 Alessandro... kmssink: add scale property to optionally render fullscreen
2012-05-24 Alessandro... kmssink: center output on screen
2012-05-24 Alessandro... kmssink: rework the mode selection code
2012-05-24 Alessandro... kmssink: use dce_deinit to close dev/fd
2012-05-24 Alessandro... kmssink: disable preroll to avoid configuring the wrong...
2012-05-24 Alessandro... h264parse: disable some optimizations with AVC input
2012-05-24 Alessandro... kmssink: hack buffer related code to avoid GType collisions
2012-05-24 Alessandro... kmssink: consider kms buffers valid drm buffers (eek)
2012-05-24 Alessandro... kms: add kmssink
2012-05-10 Luciana Fujii... pvrvideosink: Post messages when there is an error
2012-05-10 Luciana Fujii... pvrvideosink: fix crop for interlaced streams
2012-05-10 Luciana Fujii... camerabin2: record audio with video by default
2012-05-10 Alessandro... vc1parse: disable BDU parsing until it's more mature
2012-05-10 Alessandro... h264parse: flag B frames
2012-05-10 Luciana Fujii... pvrvideosink: Fix flicker in video borders
2012-05-10 Luciana Fujii... pvrvideosink: Style fixes
2012-05-10 Alessandro... vc1parse: set duration on output buffers
2012-05-10 Alessandro... vc1parse: flag bframes
2012-05-10 Alessandro... vc1parse: workaround for simple/main codec_data being...
2012-05-10 Alessandro... vc1parse: remove stub stream conversion code
2012-05-10 Alessandro... vc1parse: add some more debugging to _renegotiate
2012-05-10 Alessandro... vc1parse: Add VC1 parser plugin
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... camerabin2: change profile to h264
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... mpegvideoparse: Fix rebase of interlaced field
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... camerabin2: Change viewfinderbin to accept yuv
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... omxcamerabinsrc: Request yuv from omx_camera src pad
2012-05-04 Alessandro... pvrvideosink: fix double free freeing ->display_par
2012-05-04 Alessandro... mpegpsdemux: limit the amount of scanning done on durat...
2012-05-04 Alessandro... h264parse: consider input as packetized only if format...
2012-05-04 Alessandro... mpegvideoparse: set interlaced field in caps