2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... camerabin2: change profile to h264
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... mpegvideoparse: Fix rebase of interlaced field
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... camerabin2: Change viewfinderbin to accept yuv
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... omxcamerabinsrc: Request yuv from omx_camera src pad
2012-05-04 Alessandro... pvrvideosink: fix double free freeing ->display_par
2012-05-04 Alessandro... mpegpsdemux: limit the amount of scanning done on durat...
2012-05-04 Alessandro... h264parse: consider input as packetized only if format...
2012-05-04 Alessandro... mpegvideoparse: set interlaced field in caps
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkpvrvideosink: fix incorrect window coordinates
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkpvrvideosink: some cleanups
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkpvrvideosink: fix NPE when closing window
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkpvrvideosink: fix potential NPE
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkdvdspu: add interlaced support
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkdvdspu: cleanup debug code
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkdvdspu: use refcnting instead of explicit copy
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkpvrvideosink: implement copy vmethod in buffer subclass
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkpvrvideosink: corruption/jerkiness fixes
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkpvrvideosink: add navigation
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkpvrvideosink: add filtering
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkdvdspu: some optimizations
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkdvdspu: add NV12 support
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkresindvd: use decodebin2 so needed parsers are plugged
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... pvrvideosink: fix interlaced top coordinate
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkpvrvideosink: interlaced support
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkpvrvideosink: a few cleanups..
2012-05-04 Rob Clarkpvrvideosink: fix problem with non-ducati buffers
2012-05-04 Alessandro... h264parse: avoid pushing SPS/PPS at start only if both...
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... pvrvideosink: Send application message with crop size
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... pvrvideosink: accept -strided video with 2d buffers
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... pvrvideosink: consider cropping when resizing for par
2012-05-04 Luciana Fujii... pvrvideosink: respect pixel-aspect-ratio
2012-05-03 Alessandro... pvrvideosink: initial support for the CROP event
2012-05-03 Luciana Fujii... omxcamerabinsrc: Add property "camera-device"
2012-05-03 Alessandro... pkgconfig: add -Lgst-libs/gst/video to --libs
2012-05-03 Alessandro... Backport shcro, dirac and vp8 from 73d847
2012-05-03 George Kiagiadakiscamerabin2: Add a timer to measure shot-to-save delay.
2012-05-03 Alessandro... omxcamerabinsrc: make recordings start at running_time=0
2012-05-03 Alessandro... camerabin2: fix _unref(NULL) assertion
2012-05-03 Alessandro... camerabin2: swap image-filter and image-capture-caps
2012-05-03 Alessandro... omxcamerabinsrc: add allocate-buffers and source-filter...
2012-05-03 Alessandro... omxcamerabinsrc: get viewfinder and video buffers from...
2012-05-03 Daniel Díazfreeze: Add timeout property.
2012-05-03 Alessandro... camerabin2: cleanup omxcamerabinsrc a bit
2012-05-03 Alessandro... omxcamerabinsrc: forward the zoom property to omx_camera
2012-05-03 Alessandro... camerabin2: rename GstBaseCameraSrc to GstBaseCameraBinSrc
2012-05-03 Alessandro... camerabin2: Update and adapt to omx_camera
2012-05-01 Luciana Fujii... remove get_allowed_input_caps rebase for adding omxcame...
2012-05-01 Alessandro... camerabin2: Added omxcamerabinsrc
2012-04-27 Víctor Manuel... jpegparse: ignore unhandled application markers
2012-04-27 Amber Jainh264parse: Add workaround for separate codec_config...
2012-04-27 Daniel Díazfreeze: Add timeout property.
2012-02-21 Tim-Philipp... Release 0.10.23
2012-02-21 Tim-Philipp... docs: update docs
2012-02-21 Tim-Philipp... po: update translations
2012-02-20 Sebastian Drögedecklink: Add $(GST_PLUGINS_BASE_CFLAGS) and $(GST_PLUG...
2012-02-20 David Schleefprintf format fixes
2012-02-17 Thiago Santoswrappercamerabinsrc: Put source to null when resetting...
2012-02-16 Thiago Santoswrappercamerabinsrc: Put source in NULL when it fails...
2012-02-16 Tim-Philipp... mve: don't return a boolean for a GstFlowReturn
2012-02-16 Mark Nauwelaertsh264parse: use proper NALU offset for config data insertion
2012-02-15 Jonas Larssoncodecparsers: h264: fix SEI parsing
2012-02-13 Jan Schmidtmpegtsmux: Trivial bug fix. Don't copy data from an...
2012-02-09 Vincent Penquerc'hshmsink: fix indefinite wait after adding a new fd...
2012-02-09 Andoni Morales... d3dvideosink: Fix device initialization check
2012-02-09 Thiago Santoscamerabin: prevent captures from being lost when switch...
2012-02-09 Thiago Santoscamerabin: Improve debug message about processing counter
2012-02-09 Vincent Penquerc'hrotate: angle is in radians already, do not scale it
2012-02-09 Vincent Penquerc'hrotate: fix description string to match what the elemen...
2012-02-05 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2012-02-04 Vincent Penquerc'hmpegtsdemux: do not emit no-more-pads
2012-02-03 Mark Nauwelaertsh264parse: decrease passthrough negotiation preference
2012-02-03 Vincent Penquerc'hmpegpsmux: include specific AAC stream-format in templa...
2012-02-03 Vincent Penquerc'htsdemux: add explicit supported AAC stream-format in...
2012-02-03 Vincent Penquerc'hfaad: include specific support AAC stream formats in...
2012-02-03 Vincent Penquerc'hmpegtsmux: specify in template caps we only take raw...
2012-02-03 Vincent Penquerc'hmpegdemux: include specific AAC stream-format types...
2012-02-03 Vincent Penquerc'hkate: better error/debug reporting
2012-02-03 Vincent Penquerc'hresindvd: fix wedge in preroll when playbin2 deinterlac...
2012-02-03 Rob Clarkvideoparsers: set interlaced field in caps for mpeg2
2012-02-03 Gwenole Beauchesnecodecparsers: h264: fix parsing of VUI parameters.
2012-02-03 Mark Nauwelaertsvoamrwbenc: init debug category
2012-02-03 Mark Nauwelaertsvoaacenc: init debug category
2012-02-03 Vincent Penquerc'hkateenc: remove 'flush every packet' hack
2012-02-03 Thiago Santoscamerabin: Add viewfinder colorspace conversion to...
2012-02-03 Thiago Santoscamerabin2: Removing solved TODO and fixing a typo
2012-02-03 Thiago Santosbasecamerabinsrc: remove redundant functions
2012-02-01 Mark Nauwelaertsh264parse: disable optimized packetized processing...
2012-02-01 Mark Nauwelaertsh264parse: also mind SEI position for config data insertion
2012-02-01 Mark Nauwelaertsh264parse: unbreak optimized packetized NALU collection...
2012-01-25 Alessandro... mpegpsdemux: don't scan for the last PTS if the first...
2012-01-25 Oleksij Rempel... vp8enc: trace outgoing timestamps
2012-01-25 Vincent Penquerc'hresindvd: fix caps refcount error
2012-01-25 Vincent Penquerc'hresindvd: fix preroll on titles with no audio track
2012-01-24 Jonas Larssonh264parse: fix gst_h264_parse_clock_timestamp always...
2012-01-24 Tim-Philipp... REQUIREMENTS: we need librtmp for rtmp support
2012-01-24 Jonas Larssoncodecparsers: read the cbr_flag in h264_parse_hrd_param...
2012-01-24 Vincent Penquerc'hmpegtsdemux: fix frequent deadlock demuxing MPEG TS
2012-01-24 Mark Nauwelaertsmpegtsdemux: break out when stream identified
2012-01-24 Mark Nauwelaertsmpegtsdemux: avoid NULL manipulation if invalid input
2012-01-24 Mark Nauwelaertsmpegdemux: avoid NULL manipulation if invalid input