omx_camera: authenticate against DRI2 where possible
[gstreamer-omap:gst-openmax.git] / omx /
2012-09-11 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: authenticate against DRI2 where possible
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hDisable all plugins bar the camera one
2011-09-29 Alessandro Decinavc1dec: add vc1 decoder
2011-07-21 Alessandro Decinaomx: add GST_PLUGINS_BASE_CFLAGS since we link to ...
2011-07-20 Juan YanezAdd support for mpeg2 decoder
2011-06-10 Luciana Fujii Pontelloconfigure: Add gst-plugins-bad dependency
2011-05-05 Leonardo Sandovalvp7dec: New element.
2011-04-08 Joaquin Castellanoscamera: Split camera code.
2010-09-29 Leonardo Sandovalvp6dec: New element.
2009-09-04 Rob Clarkadd skeletal omx_camera element
2009-08-27 Selene AlvaradoMp3 modified to use tiopenmax-audiodecode_24.0
2009-08-24 Rob Clarkif a .pc file is found for OMX, use OMX's headers inste...
2009-08-18 Selene AlvaradoAdded jpegdec on gst-openmax.
2009-08-17 Rob ClarkMove GOmxCore and GOmxPort into their own files
2009-08-17 Rob Clarka few simplifications and utility macros
2009-08-03 Rob Clarkadd GstOmxBaseAudioDec base class
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasRename avcenc to h264enc.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasAdd new jpegenc component wrapper.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasAdd separate mp2dec element.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasNew omx interface.
2008-08-15 Frederik VermelenAdd new volume element.
2008-06-09 Felipe ContrerasAdd iLBC encoder/decoder.
2008-06-05 Felipe ContrerasUpdate base src for async changes.
2008-06-05 Felipe ContrerasUpdate base sink for async changes.
2008-06-05 Felipe ContrerasInitial async_queue changes.
2008-05-19 Felipe ContrerasAdd new G.729 encoder and decoder.
2008-05-19 Felipe ContrerasAdd G.711 encoder and decoder.
2008-05-19 Felipe ContrerasNew ADPCM encoder/decoder.
2008-04-02 Felipe ContrerasAdd new amrwbenc wrapper.
2008-04-02 Felipe ContrerasNew amrnbenc wrapper.
2008-04-02 Felipe ContrerasNew AAC encoder wrapper.
2008-02-21 Felipe ContrerasNew H.264/AVC encoder wrapper.
2008-02-21 Felipe ContrerasNew WMV decoder wrapper.
2008-02-21 Felipe ContrerasNew H.263 encoder.
2008-02-21 Felipe ContrerasAdd new AMR-WB decoder element.
2008-02-04 Felipe ContrerasAdd Khronos headers to the distribution.
2008-01-25 Felipe ContrerasNew base videoenc class.
2008-01-22 Felipe ContrerasRename alsasink to audiosink.
2008-01-22 Felipe ContrerasNew videodec base element.
2007-12-07 Felipe ContrerasAdd AMR-NB decoder wrapper.
2007-12-07 Felipe ContrerasAdd multiple new component wrappers.
2007-10-22 Felipe ContrerasAllow multiple OpenMAX IL implementations at the same...
2007-10-16 Felipe ContrerasNew H.263 video decoder
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasAdd video sink.
2007-07-10 Felipe ContrerasAdd ALSA sink.
2007-07-10 Felipe ContrerasRename Base to BaseFilter.
2007-07-03 Felipe ContrerasNew MPEG4v decoder.
2007-06-15 Felipe ContrerasInitial commit.