2009-03-11 Mark NauwelaertsHandle unrecoverable errors.
2009-03-11 Felipe Contrerasutil: More debug logging.
2009-03-09 Jan SchmidtAutomatic update of common submodule
2009-03-08 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2009-03-08 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2009-03-07 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2009-03-07 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2009-02-25 Jan SchmidtAutomatic update of common submodule
2009-02-22 René Stadlerutil: Fix crash when dlopen() fails.
2009-02-22 Jan SchmidtAutomatic update of common submodule
2009-02-21 David SchleefAutomatic update of common submodule
2009-02-11 René StadlerFix unused variables breaking the build.
2009-02-10 Mark NauwelaertsSerialize EOS sending.
2009-02-10 Mark NauwelaertsFix mt issue when loading/unloading omxil.
2009-02-10 Felipe ContrerasFix crash on certain race condition.
2009-02-10 René Stadleraacenc: Fix src caps by not relying on settings_changed...
2009-02-10 René StadlerPass on correct sink framerate fraction.
2009-02-10 René StadlerDon't limit framerate to 30fps for video decoder pad...
2009-02-10 Mark NauwelaertsDo not hang in state change when flushing.
2009-02-10 René Stadleraacdec: Don't set the profile.
2009-02-10 Felipe ContrerasRemove TI-specific stuff.
2009-02-10 Felipe Contrerasaacdec: Store codec-data.
2009-02-10 Olivier Crêteg711enc: Only try to fetch structure from caps if it...
2009-02-10 Felipe Contrerassink: Cleanup element details.
2009-02-10 Sriram Murthyaudio_sink: Set correct class.
2009-02-10 Felipe ContrerasSend initial codec_data buffer.
2009-02-03 Felipe Contrerasutil: Fix for allocate buffer.
2009-01-30 Felipe ContrerasMissing cleanups from old git repo.
2009-01-22 René StadlerFix configure failing because of missing m4 directory.
2009-01-22 Edward HerveyInstall and use pre-commit indentation hook from common
2009-01-21 Edward : Use git submodule
2008-12-08 Felipe ContrerasRandom cleanups.
2008-12-08 Felipe ContrerasMore specific caps for all audio elements.
2008-12-08 Felipe Contrerasadpcm: Fix capabilities negotation.
2008-12-08 Felipe ContrerasAllow child classes to override the share_input_buffer...
2008-12-08 Felipe Contrerasjpegenc: Add quality property.
2008-12-08 René Stadleramrwbenc: Add rate=16000 field to amr caps
2008-12-08 René Stadleramrnbenc: Add rate=8000 field to amr caps
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasFix seeking when using zero-copy.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasFix iLBC caps negotiation.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasRename avcenc to h264enc.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasFix G711 decoder caps.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasImprove G711 caps negotiation.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasFix EOS handling when omx hasn't been initialized.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasImprove debug logging for gstomx util.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasImprove internal libomxil unit tests.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasRandom cleanups.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasAdd stress unit tests for async_queue.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasAdd new semaphore utility.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasProperly deinitialize when going to READY.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasCleanup flushing mechanism for seeking.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasRelease output buffer when there's flushing.
2008-11-20 René StadlerForward pad event properly.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasFix initialization of buffers for processing.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasUse more efficient int scaler.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasUpdate G729 media-type.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasAdd adpcm layout.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasRandom cleanups.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasUpdate ADPCM sample rate.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasImprove buffer sizes in jpegenc.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasFix warnings in jpegenc.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasFix speech codecs samplerates.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasSet right caps for amrwbenc.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasProperly set the true return reason.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasImprove error message when pusing output buffers.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasImprove message when the shared output buffer workaroun...
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasAllow child classes to override the share_output_buffer...
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasAdd new jpegenc component wrapper.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasFree codec_data
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasAdd separate mp2dec element.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasMore general improvements in flushing.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasImprove flushing in base_filter.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasAdd flushing functions in util.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasAdd core_for_each_port helper in util.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasMake omx state changes more strict.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasSave omx ports as element data of the gst pads.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAdd activate_push in base_sink.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAdd omx interface to base_filter.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAdd omx interface to base_sink.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasNew omx interface.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasMake port_enable more extensible.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasFlush the queue when disabling the port.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAdd port enable/disable functions.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAdd port semaphore.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAllow multiple setup_ports calls.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasStore the port_index.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAdd option to flush the async_queue.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAdd port allocate/free/start buffer functions.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasRename port enable/disable to resume/pause.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasCleanup pad_event in base_sink.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasCleanup pad_event in base_filter.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasFinish processing when receiving omx eos event.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasUse G_UNLIKELY when finding the GType.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasRandom cleanups.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAllow AllocateBuffer.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasUse BufferCountActual instead of BufferCountMin.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasTemporary disable buffer flushs.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasCheck for NULL buffers when sending eos.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasFix warnings.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasUpdate library name to new bellagio library.