Avoid crashing when OMX failed to initialize
[gstreamer-omap:gst-openmax.git] / omx / gstomx_port.h
2012-11-22 Vincent Penquerc'hAvoid crashing when OMX failed to initialize
2012-10-22 Vincent Penquerc'hCache port definition and 2D allocation size
2012-10-22 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: drop late buffers
2012-09-19 Vincent Penquerc'hFix race condition in freeing buffers
2012-09-18 Vincent Penquerc'hRejig OMX config and parameter setter macros to ease...
2012-09-11 Vincent Penquerc'hHandle failure to allocate a buffer without crashing
2012-09-10 Vincent Penquerc'hSwitch to using drm buffers
2011-07-19 Alessandro DecinaRevert "hack for seek bug in OMX"
2011-05-05 Leonardo SandovalRevert "vp6dec: hack: Change elementary to intermediate...
2010-09-29 Leonardo Sandovalvp6dec: hack: Change elementary to intermediate video...
2010-06-25 Rob Clarkport: Add support for element setting/getting nOffset.
2010-02-14 Rob Clarkhack for seek bug in OMX
2010-01-22 Rob ClarkEnsure we do pad_alloc() before beginning transition...
2009-12-08 Selene AlvaradoAdded the method for set the colorformat to the JPG...
2009-11-24 Rob Clarkadd NV12 support
2009-10-27 Rob ClarkAdd G_OMX_PORT_{GET,SET}_CONFIG macros
2009-10-19 Rob Clarkinclude port name in trace msgs from GOmxPort
2009-10-16 Rob ClarkMore utility macro refactoring
2009-08-19 Rob Clarkadd proper color format negotiation
2009-08-19 Rob Clarkwhen the videosink re-negotiates srcpad caps to use...
2009-08-17 Rob ClarkRefactor buffer passing and allocation
2009-08-17 Rob ClarkMove GOmxCore and GOmxPort into their own files