2012-10-29 Luciana Fujii... base_filter: flush when switching to pause
2012-10-29 Luciana Fujii... gstomx_port: Avoid double freeing a buffer on codecs
2012-10-29 Vincent Penquerc'homx_base_src: make output-buffers a construct param
2012-10-29 Vincent Penquerc'homx_core: rejig to placate gcc
2012-10-22 Vincent Penquerc'hOops, remove test code
2012-10-22 Vincent Penquerc'hCache port definition and 2D allocation size
2012-10-22 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: add a drop-late-buffers property
2012-10-22 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: drop late buffers
2012-10-22 Vincent Penquerc'hasync_queue: add an API to check whether the queue...
2012-10-11 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: initialize number of images for video-image...
2012-10-11 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: only configure high speed mode when in...
2012-10-08 Vincent Penquerc'hFix buffer leak on exit
2012-10-01 Vincent Penquerc'hRevert "omx_camera: do not use OMX_CaptureImageHighSpee...
2012-10-01 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: fix autofocus
2012-10-01 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: Fix pad setup for Bayer format
2012-09-27 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: allow setting parameters afer loaded state
2012-09-26 Vincent Penquerc'hFix cast macros not to be annoying to use
2012-09-26 Vincent Penquerc'htests: fix to not use v4l2 not strided caps
2012-09-25 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: fix property setting
2012-09-25 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: remove now unused n_offset
2012-09-25 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: fix deadlock on PLAYING->PAUSED state change
2012-09-25 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: do not use OMX_CaptureImageHighSpeedTempora...
2012-09-25 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: remove crop event generation
2012-09-21 Vincent Penquerc'hProperty refactoring
2012-09-19 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: add more missing ifdef guards for disabling...
2012-09-19 Vincent Penquerc'hDo not access freed memory
2012-09-19 Vincent Penquerc'hFix race condition in freeing buffers
2012-09-19 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: disable thumbsrc pad
2012-09-18 Vincent Penquerc'hLog states on enter/leave of core functions that change...
2012-09-18 Vincent Penquerc'hRejig OMX config and parameter setter macros to ease...
2012-09-18 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: do not crash when OMX fails to initialize
2012-09-18 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: fix prototype
2012-09-18 Vincent Penquerc'hDo not push buffers on the async list when we're windin...
2012-09-17 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: fix CAC property get/set
2012-09-17 Vincent Penquerc'hMake stereo video capture work
2012-09-14 Vincent Penquerc'hDo not confuse allocated and filled length
2012-09-13 Vincent Penquerc'hFix a "may be used uninitialized" warning
2012-09-13 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: add stereo mode setup
2012-09-13 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: fixate to double width when using stereo...
2012-09-13 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: simplify pool setup code
2012-09-12 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: fix leaks (and static const data static...
2012-09-12 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: send EOS event to all source pads where...
2012-09-12 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: log negotiation messages with the pad being...
2012-09-12 Vincent Penquerc'hMinor cleanup
2012-09-12 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: fix calculation of stride
2012-09-11 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: authenticate against DRI2 where possible
2012-09-11 Vincent Penquerc'hHandle failure to allocate a buffer without crashing
2012-09-11 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: limit color formats to supported ones
2012-09-11 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: fix zoom property
2012-09-11 Vincent Penquerc'hFix buffer refcounting issues
2012-09-10 Vincent Penquerc'homx_camera: negotiate caps for all non basesrc pads
2012-09-10 Vincent Penquerc'hFix image capture
2012-09-10 Vincent Penquerc'hSwitch to using drm buffers
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hAdd missing USE_GSTOMXCAM_{IMG,THUMB}SRCPAD guards
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hRemove use of -strided pixel formats
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hDo not compare caps with NULL caps
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hPrint framerate in a friendly manner
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hWarn when a symbol is not found in the dlopened library
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hDo not cast GstBuffer** to GstBuffer*, it won't end...
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hRemove libcheck use, use the gst version instead
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hDisable all plugins bar the camera one
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hFixup build on blaze
2012-03-22 Alessandro... omx_camera: report 4-frames latency
2012-03-22 Alessandro... omx_camera: remove some QUERY_BUFFERS related dead...
2012-03-22 Alessandro... omx_camera: store negotiated framerate
2011-12-20 Alessandro... omx_camera: make non strided video/x-raw-yuv work
2011-12-02 Luciana Fujii... omx_camera: Add missing GstPhotography properties
2011-12-02 Luciana Fujii... omx_camera: Always install GstPhotography properties
2011-12-02 Luciana Fujii... omx_camera: Keep device setting in NULL state
2011-10-18 Alessandro... port: change the value for the OMX_BUFFERFLAG_INVALIDTI...
2011-09-29 Alessandro... vc1dec: add vc1 decoder
2011-09-29 Alessandro... basefilter: make inject_codec_data a vfunc
2011-09-13 Alessandro... videodec: don't abort if configuring nBufferCountActual...
2011-09-07 Alessandro... Bundle timer-32k.h in util/
2011-09-07 George KiagiadakisAdd hack to pass buffers with invalid timestamps throug...
2011-09-02 Alessandro... h264dec: workaround domx bug for baseline level11 files
2011-08-18 Alessandro... basevideodec: fix one last leak in capsnego
2011-08-18 Alessandro... basevideodec: remove code that should have been removed...
2011-08-18 Alessandro... basevideodec: add rowstride field to yuv-strided caps...
2011-08-18 Alessandro... basevideodec: maintain downstream caps order during...
2011-08-10 Alessandro... camera: fix autofocus setting through GstPhotography
2011-08-04 Alessandro... camera: implement camerabin2's renegotiate event GLP1.4
2011-07-21 Alessandro... mpeg2dec: the component doesn't need codec_data in...
2011-07-21 Alessandro... basefilter: add inject_codec_data variable
2011-07-21 Alessandro... omx: add GST_PLUGINS_BASE_CFLAGS since we link to ...
2011-07-20 Juan YanezAdd support for mpeg2 decoder
2011-07-19 Alessandro... port: fix flushing
2011-07-19 Alessandro... port: don't leak the EOS buffer
2011-07-19 Alessandro... Revert "hack for seek bug in OMX"
2011-07-19 Alessandro... port: fix camera regression after last commit
2011-07-13 Alessandro... port: make sure to call OMX_FreeBuffer only once for...
2011-07-08 Joaquin Castellanosh264dec: Add support for reference frames configuration.
2011-07-08 Joaquin Castellanosh264dec: Add support for AVC config from stream.
2011-07-08 Joaquin Castellanosh264enc: Add Rate Control support property.
2011-07-08 Daniel Diaztests: Add Image Capture scripts.
2011-07-08 Daniel Diaztests: Drop deprecated
2011-07-06 Alessandro... h264enc: set stream-format=byte-stream,alignment=au...
2011-07-06 Edward Herveybase_video_dec: Forward GstQuery upstream
2011-07-06 Alessandro... h264dec: set stream-format and alignment on the sink...
2011-06-13 Alessandro... h264enc: fix profile and level settings