Remove core_finish, use core_unload
[gstreamer-omap:gst-openmax.git] / omx / gstomx_base_sink.c
2009-04-26 Felipe ContrerasRemove core_finish, use core_unload
2009-04-26 Felipe ContrerasAdd core_stop function to split core_finish
2009-04-26 Felipe ContrerasTrivial cleanup; rename client_data field
2009-04-26 Felipe Contrerasbasesink: initalize omx when changing to READY
2009-04-26 Felipe Contrerasbasesink: align gst and omx states in base_sink
2009-04-26 Felipe Contrerasbasesink: add empty change_state function
2009-04-26 Felipe Contrerasbasesink: move omx initalization to pad link
2009-04-26 Frederik Vernelenbasesink: add NXP copyright
2009-04-26 Felipe Contrerasbasesink: don't hang on downward state change
2009-04-05 Felipe Contrerasutil: remove g_omx_sem and use shared g_sem
2009-04-05 Felipe ContrerasRemove unused variables
2009-04-01 Felipe Contrerasbasesink: chain up activatepush
2009-03-31 Felipe Contrerasbasesink,basesrc: fix library and component name
2009-03-31 Felipe ContrerasReplace dispose with finalize
2009-03-25 Felipe ContrerasUse memset instead of calloc
2009-03-24 Felipe ContrerasRename 'initialized' to 'ready'
2009-03-24 Felipe ContrerasCleanup global scope
2009-03-11 Felipe ContrerasUpdate copyright notice for 2009.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasSave omx ports as element data of the gst pads.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAdd activate_push in base_sink.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAdd omx interface to base_sink.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasRename port enable/disable to resume/pause.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasCleanup pad_event in base_sink.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasRandom cleanups.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasFix warnings.
2008-06-23 Felipe ContrerasUpdate FSF address.
2008-06-23 Felipe ContrerasReorganize header requirements.
2008-06-23 Felipe ContrerasFix more warnings.
2008-06-05 Felipe ContrerasUpdate base sink for async changes.
2008-04-03 Felipe ContrerasFix copyright notice.
2008-02-28 Felipe ContrerasNew pause util function that properly waits for the...
2008-02-28 Felipe ContrerasProperly pause/resume the omx component in basesink...
2008-01-30 Felipe ContrerasUpdate audiosink and other cleanups.
2008-01-24 Felipe ContrerasUse "" by default.
2008-01-23 Felipe ContrerasRemove unneeded stuff on util, and use inline.
2008-01-22 Felipe ContrerasUpdate copyright.
2007-12-07 Felipe ContrerasMake logging level 4(DEBUG) more verbose.
2007-10-22 Felipe ContrerasAllow multiple OpenMAX IL implementations at the same...
2007-10-16 Felipe ContrerasWhitespace fixes
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasAdd property for the OpenMAX component name.
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasWhitespace fixes.
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasImplement zerocopy on the base sink.
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasImprove logging.
2007-07-10 Felipe ContrerasAdd ALSA sink.