base_filter: cleanup PAUSED_TO_READY
[gstreamer-omap:gst-openmax.git] / omx / gstomx_base_filter.c
2009-04-26 Felipe Contrerasbase_filter: cleanup PAUSED_TO_READY
2009-04-26 Felipe ContrerasAlways check the omx state
2009-04-08 Felipe ContrerasCleanups
2009-04-05 Felipe ContrerasRemove unused variables
2009-04-02 Felipe ContrerasImprove error handling
2009-04-02 Mark Nauwelaertsbasefilter: don't start task when omx is not ready
2009-04-02 Felipe ContrerasRevert "Do not hang in state change when flushing."
2009-04-02 Felipe Contrerasbasefilter: appropriately return wrong state
2009-04-01 Marco BallesioProperly calculate timestamps when input buffers are...
2009-03-31 Felipe ContrerasReplace dispose with finalize
2009-03-30 Felipe Contrerasplugin: refactor
2009-03-27 René Stadlerbasefilter: release ready_lock when core_prepare fails
2009-03-26 Felipe ContrerasAdd environment variables for testing
2009-03-26 Felipe Contrerasbasefilter: plug a leak
2009-03-26 Felipe Contrerasbasefilter: trivial cleanup
2009-03-25 Felipe ContrerasTrivial cleanups
2009-03-25 Felipe ContrerasUse memset instead of calloc
2009-03-24 Felipe ContrerasRename 'initialized' to 'ready'
2009-03-24 Felipe ContrerasTrivial code-style cleanups
2009-03-24 Felipe ContrerasCleanup global scope
2009-03-24 Felipe Contrerasbasefilter: fix init race condition
2009-03-13 Mark NauwelaertsFix format specifier in debug statement.
2009-03-11 Felipe ContrerasUpdate copyright notice for 2009.
2009-03-11 Felipe Contrerasbasefilter: handle codec-data from omx
2009-03-11 Mark NauwelaertsHandle unrecoverable errors.
2009-02-10 Mark NauwelaertsSerialize EOS sending.
2009-02-10 Felipe ContrerasFix crash on certain race condition.
2009-02-10 Mark NauwelaertsDo not hang in state change when flushing.
2009-02-10 Felipe ContrerasSend initial codec_data buffer.
2008-12-08 Felipe ContrerasAllow child classes to override the share_input_buffer...
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasFix seeking when using zero-copy.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasFix EOS handling when omx hasn't been initialized.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasProperly deinitialize when going to READY.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasCleanup flushing mechanism for seeking.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasRelease output buffer when there's flushing.
2008-11-20 René StadlerForward pad event properly.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasUse more efficient int scaler.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasProperly set the true return reason.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasImprove error message when pusing output buffers.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasImprove message when the shared output buffer workaroun...
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasAllow child classes to override the share_output_buffer...
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasFree codec_data
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasMore general improvements in flushing.
2008-11-20 Felipe ContrerasImprove flushing in base_filter.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasSave omx ports as element data of the gst pads.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasAdd omx interface to base_filter.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasRename port enable/disable to resume/pause.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasCleanup pad_event in base_filter.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasRandom cleanups.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasTemporary disable buffer flushs.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasCheck for NULL buffers when sending eos.
2008-08-15 Felipe ContrerasFix warnings.
2008-06-23 Felipe ContrerasUpdate FSF address.
2008-06-23 Felipe ContrerasReorganize header requirements.
2008-06-23 Felipe ContrerasFix more warnings.
2008-06-05 Felipe ContrerasUse flush command completed event.
2008-06-05 Felipe ContrerasFix flushing.
2008-06-05 Felipe ContrerasMore warnings and cleanups.
2008-06-05 Felipe ContrerasAdd flush commands.
2008-06-05 Felipe ContrerasInitial async_queue changes.
2008-06-05 Felipe ContrerasOutput omx_buffer from the chain function.
2008-05-19 Felipe ContrerasFix racing condition.
2008-04-03 Felipe ContrerasFix copyright notice.
2008-02-22 Felipe ContrerasRandom fixes and cleanups.
2008-02-22 Felipe ContrerasFix seeking.
2008-02-22 Felipe ContrerasPropagate gst_pad_push return value.
2008-01-30 Felipe ContrerasUpdate audiosink and other cleanups.
2008-01-30 Felipe ContrerasAllow fake settings changed notification for now.
2008-01-25 Felipe ContrerasSet OpenMAX parameters more properly for video elements.
2008-01-24 Felipe ContrerasUse "" by default.
2008-01-24 Felipe ContrerasImprove timestamp handling on base filter.
2008-01-23 Felipe ContrerasUse proper inline keywords.
2008-01-23 Felipe ContrerasRemove unneeded stuff on util, and use inline.
2008-01-23 Felipe ContrerasEnforce OpenMAX components to call the settings changed...
2008-01-23 Felipe ContrerasAdd GLib misc macros for base filter.
2008-01-23 Felipe ContrerasMore zero-copy flexibility and fixes on base filter.
2008-01-22 Felipe ContrerasDumb fixes.
2008-01-22 Felipe ContrerasUpdate copyright.
2008-01-22 Felipe ContrerasMore verbose debugging.
2007-12-12 Felipe ContrerasFixes for non-zero-copy behavior.
2007-12-12 Felipe ContrerasAdd omx_setup to set some component configurations...
2007-12-07 Felipe ContrerasAdd compilation time flag for zero-copy.
2007-12-07 Felipe ContrerasMake logging level 4(DEBUG) more verbose.
2007-10-22 Felipe ContrerasAllow multiple OpenMAX IL implementations at the same...
2007-10-16 Felipe ContrerasWhitespace fixes
2007-10-16 Felipe ContrerasAdd more debugging stuff to the base filter
2007-10-16 Felipe ContrerasAdd flush support for seeking on the base filter
2007-10-16 Felipe ContrerasUse timestamps by default on the base filter
2007-10-16 Felipe ContrerasDon't hang if not properly initialized.
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasAdd property for the OpenMAX component name.
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasAdd use-timestamps property.
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasAdd timestamp information.
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasMore readable.
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasThis looks better.
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasFix zerocopy.
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasFix a small memory leak.
2007-08-28 Felipe ContrerasImprove logging.
2007-07-10 Felipe ContrerasAdd missing files.