docs: cleanup makefiles
[gstreamer-omap:gst-ffmpeg.git] /
2009-05-05 Christian SchallerAdd videoscaler to spec file
2009-05-05 Christian Schallerremoving make flags in spec file to make things flow...
2006-12-15 Thomas Vander Sticheleadd doap file
2006-10-24 Thomas Vander Build with -O1 by default since...
2006-10-20 Thomas Vander Stichelespec updates
2006-05-04 Christian Schalleradd missing rm line
2006-01-31 Christian Schallercommit my latest changes
2005-12-04 Christian Schallerboy this was rotten, now updated to work more like...
2005-11-05 Christian Schallerremove gst-register from spec file
2004-10-11 Ronald S. Remove unused 'versioning' variable.
2004-10-06 Christian Schallerfix spec file for gst-ffmpeg
2004-05-01 St├ęphane Loeuilletfix spec file
2004-02-28 Christian Schallerthis works.
2004-02-28 Christian Schallercorrect versioning
2004-02-28 Christian Schallerfix reqs
2004-02-26 Thomas Vander Stichelereleasing RELEASE-0_7_1
2004-02-14 Thomas Vander Stichelefix spec file
2004-02-14 Christian Schalleracctually adding spec file :)