docs: cleanup makefiles
[gstreamer-omap:gst-ffmpeg.git] / TODO
2005-11-08 Ronald S. BultjeTODO: Add some TODO items for 0.9 cycle.
2005-06-10 Ronald S. BultjeRelease 0.8.5 "For the better of the world". RELEASE-0_8_5
2005-05-15 Luca Ognibeneext/ffmpeg/: Add ffdeinterlace element
2005-05-13 Luca Ognibeneext/ffmpeg/: Add ffvideoscale element (#303727)
2005-01-19 Ronald S. BultjeTODO: Update since some tasks are done.
2004-03-01 Ronald S. BultjeHACKING: Add some basic documentation on how our wrappi...