ffmpegdec: Setting AC3/EAC3/DTS decoders to rank NONE for release
[gstreamer-omap:gst-ffmpeg.git] / ext / ffmpeg / gstffmpegdec.c
2011-06-30 Edward Herveyffmpegdec: Setting AC3/EAC3/DTS decoders to rank NONE...
2011-06-30 Mark Nauwelaertsffmpegdec: avoid allocating and leaking local avpacket...
2011-06-21 Jan SchmidtEnable threading in ffmpeg decoders that support it.
2011-06-06 Raimo Järviffdec: Fix calculating frame duration from last timesta...
2011-06-01 Raimo Järviffdec: Check for AV_NOPTS_VALUE in PTS value.
2011-05-29 Edward Herveyffmpegdec: Don't discard timestamps if output AND input...
2011-05-26 Sebastian Drögeffdec: Always use parser for AAC LATM/LOAS
2011-05-25 Rafael Dinizffmpeg: Add codec mapping for AAC LATM/LOAS
2011-05-09 Thadeu Lima de Sou... ffdec: Do not use invalid input timestamp as next times...
2011-05-06 Vincent Penquerc'hffdec: do not try to resync to the next keyframe when...
2011-04-21 Edward Herveyffmpegdec: Set caps on outgoing audio buffers
2011-04-21 Edward Herveyffmpegdec: Use new AVPacket-based API
2011-04-21 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Use non-deprecated av_parser_parse2
2011-04-21 Edward Herveyffmpegdec: Use skip_frame instead of deprecated hurry_up
2011-04-21 Edward Herveyffmpeg: CodecType => AVMediaType
2011-04-19 Marc Plano-LesayFix unused-but-set-variable warnings with gcc 4.6
2011-04-07 Wim Taymansdec: avoid making the buffer writable
2011-04-05 Miguel Angel Cabre... ffmpegdec: do buffer padding before parsing and before...
2011-01-31 Tim-Philipp Müllerffmpegdec: improve error message when set_caps is calle...
2011-01-07 Edward Herveyffmpegdec: Set the mp3 decoder to a rank of NONE
2011-01-05 Edward Herveyffmpegdec: Fix unitialized variables on macosx
2010-12-21 Wim Taymansffmpgdec: work around parser timestamp bug
2010-12-12 Wim Taymansdec: scale the estimated duration by number of frames
2010-12-12 Wim Taymansdec: use input timestamp diff for duration estimation
2010-10-22 Wim Taymansffdec: don't destroy the parser state
2010-10-22 Wim Taymansffdec: be more careful with DTS timestamp interpolation
2010-10-12 Edward Herveyffmpegdec: Fix debug statements
2010-10-07 Wim Taymansffdec: use a better algorithm to detect DTS timestamps
2010-10-06 Wim Taymansffdec: add debug line
2010-10-06 Wim Taymansffdec: add fixmes
2010-10-06 Wim Taymansffdec: add some comments
2010-10-06 Wim Taymansffdec: Add timestamp tracking
2010-10-06 Wim Taymansffdec: remove broken TSHandler
2010-10-06 Wim Taymansffdec: rename time variable
2010-06-04 Zaheer Abbas Meraliffmpegdec: fix typo in comment
2010-05-31 Edward Herveyffmpegdec/enc: Blacklist more raw formats
2010-05-25 Tim-Philipp Müllerffmpegdec: sipro decoder should have higher rank than...
2010-05-17 Edward Herveyffmpegdec: Don't leak the GstDataPassThrough items
2010-03-24 Sebastian Drögeffmpeg: Use gst_element_set_details_simple()
2010-03-18 Raimo Järviffdec: Update caps if the aspect ratio changes
2010-03-11 Thiago Santosffdec: Make metadata writable before setting caps
2010-03-11 Thiago Santosffdec_aac: Do not parse raw format
2010-03-03 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Disable direct-rendering for svq1/vp56...
2010-03-01 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Handle durations in reordered frames
2010-02-19 Mark Nauwelaertsffmpegdec: do not store timestamp for buffer that will...
2010-02-18 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Don't enable xvmc decoders, we can't...
2010-02-04 Wim Taymansffmpegdec: only clip to a smaller region
2010-02-01 Wim Taymansffdec: free audio buffer when not decoded
2010-01-22 Alessandro DecinaRevert a change I accidentally introduced in 7c91fb.
2010-01-22 Alessandro DecinaFix compiler warnings under OS X.
2009-12-09 Tim-Philipp Müllerffmpegdec: ignore all vdpau decoders
2009-11-16 Wim Taymansffdec: remove clipping hack
2009-11-09 Edward Herveyffmpegdec: Only restore default in AVCodecContext when...
2009-11-05 Tim-Philipp Müllerffmpegdec: printf format fixes
2009-11-02 Edward Herveyffdec: Don't use an allocated 1-entry structure for...
2009-10-22 Wim Taymansffdec: avoid generating caps when registering
2009-09-10 Wim Taymansffdec: correctly check for NONE timestamp
2009-09-01 Wim Taymansffdec: disable interpolation when dropping frames
2009-08-18 Wim Taymansffdec: reset timestamp queue after flush
2009-08-13 Sebastian Drögeffmpegdec: Fix strict aliasing warnings
2009-08-12 Sebastian Drögeffmpegdec: Don't use guintptr as it's new in GLib 2.18
2009-08-10 Edward Herveygstffmpeg: Lower debugging levels from WARNING to DEBUG
2009-08-08 Sjoerd Simonsffmpegdec: Fix duration calculation when ticks_per_fram...
2009-08-06 Sebastian Drögeffmpegdec: Fix compiler warning and indention
2009-08-06 Руслан Ижбулатовffmpegdec: Assign offsets to outgoing buffers more...
2009-07-29 Olivier Crêteffmpegdec: Disable theora decoder
2009-07-29 Руслан ИжбулатовCodec frame delay fix and trailing zero-length frame fix
2009-07-01 Wim Taymansffdec: don't wait for keyframe after discont
2009-07-01 Wim TaymansMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.freedesktop.org...
2009-06-29 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Fix debug arguments. Fixes #587297
2009-06-25 Arnout Vandecappelleffmpegdec: don't drop buffers when caps change.
2009-06-24 Jan Schmidtffmpeg: Don't enter infinite loops in the timestamp...
2009-06-05 Wim Taymansffmpegdec: don't do QoS on invalid timestamps
2009-06-05 Jordi Masffmpeg: make elements reusable after registry rescan
2009-06-05 Wim Taymansffmpeg: properly integrate timestamp handling
2009-05-13 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: demote mpeg2 video decoding back to MARGI...
2009-05-13 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Don't forget to copy over the reordered_o...
2009-05-13 Vanistagstffmpegdec: Handle out-of-order frames. Fixes #580796
2009-05-12 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: No, really, we don't want the VDPAU decoders.
2009-05-12 Sebastian Drögeffdec: Update rank of ffdec_mpeg2video to SECONDARY...
2009-05-12 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Implement interlaced support.
2009-04-21 Edward HerveyMake sure we provide ffmpeg with 128bit-aligned data.
2009-04-18 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Really fix the arguments this time.
2009-04-18 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Fix build on macosx.
2009-04-17 Wim Taymansffmpegdec: resize padding buffer when it's small
2009-04-15 Edward HerveyMove all non-codecmap-related methods to a new file.
2009-04-15 Edward HerveyThe proper spelling is 'FFmpeg'.
2009-04-15 Edward HerveyDisable more fake codecs (raw audio).
2009-04-09 LRNffdec: copy input offsets to output buffers
2009-03-17 Edward HerveyTake into account ticks_per_frame for framerate calcula...
2009-03-11 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Disable vdpau decoders. Fixes #573400
2009-03-10 Edward HerveyDisable exposing decoder/encoder using external library...
2009-03-09 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Use 64bit scaling function to avoid overf...
2009-03-06 Edward Herveyffmpegdec: Make sure we provide 16 byte aligned data...
2009-03-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerffmpegdec: post an error message on the bus when decodi...
2009-03-05 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Set the rank of the AAC decoder to NONE.
2009-03-04 Tim-Philipp Müllerffdec: fix build
2009-03-04 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Abort on first failure by AAC decoder...
2009-03-04 Edward Herveygstffmpegdec: Bring the real decoders up to GST_RANK_PR...
2009-01-29 Edward HerveyOnly use valid SampleFormat for audio encoders/decoders.