ducatimpeg4dec: add MPEG4 decoder error strings
[gstreamer-omap:gst-ducati.git] / src / gstducatimpeg4dec.c
2012-11-12 Vincent Penquerc'hducatimpeg4dec: add MPEG4 decoder error strings
2012-11-09 Vincent Penquerc'hMangle a few files with gst-indent, for future sanity
2012-07-16 Alessandro Decinaducatimpeg4dec: add note about xvid being broken with...
2012-07-16 Alessandro DecinaRevert "ducatimpeg4dec: switch to using base params"
2012-06-28 Alessandro Decinaducatimpeg4dec: switch to using base params
2012-01-24 Alessandro Decinaducatimpeg4dec: don't leak input buffers
2012-01-09 Alessandro Decinaducatimpeg4dec: don't forget to push the codec data...
2011-12-21 Alessandro Decinampeg4dec: don't enable deblocking filter. Fixes codec...
2011-12-16 Alessandro Decinaducatimpeg4dec: fix compiler warnings on glp1.4
2011-12-11 Rob Clarkducatimpeg4dec: enabling workarounds for XviD too
2011-12-11 Rob Clarkducatimpeg4dec/ducatividdec: implement DTS queue
2011-12-11 Rob Clarkducatimpeg4dec: xvid support
2011-12-11 Rob ClarkRevert "ducatimpeg4dec: use base VIDDEC3_* structs...
2011-08-26 Alessandro Decinaducatimpeg4dec: use base VIDDEC3_* structs in allocate_...
2011-01-01 Rob Clarkfix compile error with latest gst headers
2010-12-05 Rob Clarkclean up padded buffer size calculations
2010-11-26 Rob Clarkvc1dec: add VC-1 Advanced, Main, and Simple profile...
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkmpeg4dec: add MPEG-4 support