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2013-03-27 Olivier NaudanAdded command line arguments: master
2013-03-27 Olivier NaudanLet's compile regular expressions for faster execution
2013-03-05 Olivier NaudanAdded a graph using matplotlib
2013-03-05 Olivier NaudanImproved parsing, to support more pipelines
2013-03-05 Olivier NaudanRefreshed README
2012-12-19 Vincent Penquerc'hparse-gst-traces: recognize ducatimpeg4enc as well...
2012-12-19 Vincent Penquerc'hducatividdec: fix latency query
2012-12-19 Vincent Penquerc'hducatividdec: only add positive jitter to the qos earli...
2012-12-19 Vincent Penquerc'hducatividdec: move latency query from ducatih264dec
2012-12-18 Vincent Penquerc'hducatimpeg2dec: disable manual reordering
2012-12-03 Vincent Penquerc'hducatijpegdec: add jpeg decoder error strings
2012-11-23 Vincent Penquerc'hducatijpegdec: fix description, this MJPEG, not MPEG-2
2012-11-19 Olivier NaudanRemoved a duplicate script
2012-11-19 Olivier NaudanRemoved redundant definitions in h264enc fields
2012-11-19 Olivier Naudanducatih264enc is now using ih264enc.h from ducati side...
2012-11-19 Olivier Naudanducatimpeg4enc is now using impeg4enc.h from ducati...
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