Hack! Build with Ubuntu gnueabihf tools
[gstreamer-omap:ducati_freertos.git] / ducati /
2013-03-07 Vincent StehléHack! Build with Ubuntu gnueabihf tools master
2012-12-17 Guillaume AubertinMakefile: moving to newlib
2012-12-14 Josef HolzmayrAdd -fno-stack-protector to CFLAGS
2012-12-13 Guillaume Aubertinmoving output file to out/
2012-12-13 g-aubertinMerge pull request #1 from vstehle/for-guillaume
2012-12-12 Vincent StehléMakefile: add $LDLIBS variable
2012-12-12 Guillaume Aubertinputting core1 in "WFI" at boot
2012-12-12 Guillaume Aubertincleaning trace messages
2012-12-10 Guillaume Aubertinadding msg dispatcher for services
2012-12-10 Guillaume Aubertinincreasing heap size
2012-12-07 Guillaume Aubertinmoving rdaemon to a new task
2012-12-06 Guillaume Aubertinclearing mailbox irq at the end of the handler
2012-12-06 Guillaume Aubertinoving mailbox message handling to dedicated task
2012-12-05 Guillaume Aubertinadding first test task
2012-12-05 Guillaume Aubertinadding -O2 to CFLAGS
2012-12-05 Guillaume Aubertinfixing bss adress variables
2012-12-05 Guillaume Aubertinupdating INCLUDE_vTaskSuspend to support infinite wait
2012-12-03 Guillaume Aubertininitial commit of ducati code