camera: add new generic memory support to SetConfig and GetConfig
[gstreamer-omap:domx.git] /
2012-05-02 Jean JohnsonMerge "Disable DOMX for omap3 only"
2012-05-02 Jean JohnsonDisable DOMX for omap3 only
2011-10-24 Pradeep Venkatasub... Merge "DOMX: Fill pComponentUUID in GetComponentVersion"
2011-10-20 Jean JohnsonMerge "DOMX: Ducati MPEG2 Support"
2011-10-19 Jean JohnsonAdding compilation variables to
2011-10-12 Jean JohnsonMaking compilation dependent on ENHANCED_DOMX flag
2011-08-08 Iliyan Malchevinitial commit