2012-07-11 Hervé FacheClean up a bit
2012-07-11 Hervé FacheProxy: add support for DMAbuf
2012-07-11 Hervé FacheAdd missing include file
2012-07-11 Hervé FacheAdd missing #ifdef's
2012-07-11 Hervé FacheRevert "DOMX: framework to dynamically enable/disable...
2012-07-11 Hervé Fache[BUILD] solve the redefined __packed issue
2012-07-11 Hervé Fache[BUILD] add include path for rpmsg_omx.h
2012-07-10 Hervé Fache[BUILD] add autotools support
2012-07-10 Hervé Fache[BUILD] remove all makefiles
2012-07-03 Emilian PeevDOMX: Adds HQ video operating mode
2012-07-02 Prasanna Kumar M.RDOMX: Changes for secure playback ION handle mapping
2012-06-26 Vidhoon ViswanathanWifi Display: Remove pipe write when no color conversio...
2012-06-26 Vidhoon Viswanathan[FIX] Check if buffer header exists before restoring...
2012-06-22 Frederic TurgisDOMX: framework to dynamically enable/disable perf...
2012-06-22 Frederic TurgisDOMX: Update trace level at component init and introduc...
2012-06-20 Vidhoon Viswanathan[DOMX]: Fix error handling in RPC_sendPacket_sync
2012-06-20 Volodymyr BabchukH264 enc: Restore buffer size if invalid metadata received
2012-06-18 Devaraj RangasamyDOMX: Use Tiler-1D buffer when ION 1D allocation fails
2012-06-08 Tyler Luuenc proxy: only register EncoderMetadataPointers buffers
2012-05-24 Tyler Luucamera proxy: fix computation of component buffer size
2012-05-24 Tyler Luudomx: sync interface
2012-05-24 Tyler Luuproxy common: make register/unregister conditional
2012-05-24 Tyler Luucamera proxy: pass ion fd's instead of handles
2012-05-24 Tyler Luuproxy: add support for sgx register ioctl
2012-05-24 Tyler Luuproxy common: choose buffer 1st in AllocateBuffer
2012-05-24 Tyler Luudomx: pass registered buffer address to FreeBuffer
2012-05-24 Tyler Luudomx: fix video record
2012-05-24 Keith DeaconMerge "domx: add register/unregister for buffers"
2012-05-24 Keith DeaconMerge "domx: fixes for reprocessing"
2012-05-24 Keith DeaconMerge "domx: Handle Ducati requests for internal alloca...
2012-05-23 Shivaraj Shetty[VDEC] Adds Index to enable/disable Decoder Metadata
2012-05-21 Tyler Luudomx: add register/unregister for buffers
2012-05-21 Tyler Luudomx: fixes for reprocessing
2012-05-17 Vidhoon Viswanathan[DOMX] Fix missing condition for color conversion
2012-05-16 Tyler Luudomx: Handle Ducati requests for internal allocation
2012-05-09 Barry WoodwardReplacing OMAP_ENHANCMENT flag with USE_ITTIAM_AAC...
2012-05-02 Jean JohnsonMerge "Disable DOMX for omap3 only"
2012-05-02 Jean JohnsonDisable DOMX for omap3 only
2012-04-30 Vidhoon ViswanathanWifi Display: Color convert Input buffers based on...
2012-04-18 Andriy ChepurnyyH264 enc: Send valid pointer to NV12 buffer even if...
2012-04-10 Pavel NedevDOMX: Added OMX_TI_StereoVideo to OMX_CAMOPERATINGMODETYPE
2012-04-03 Brijesh NekkareEnumerator declaration correction
2012-04-03 Brijesh NekkareEncoder: Add a custom index to retrieve the component...
2012-04-03 Abhishek RankaAdd index OMX_TI_IndexParamComponentExpectedSuspensionState
2012-04-03 Pavel NedevDOMX: Pass the correct buf address in PROXY_FreeBuffer
2012-04-03 Pradeep Venkatasubbarao[DOMX] Fix Buffer Map type during free buffer
2012-03-26 Sergii ShcherbakovAdded support for Ittiam AAC and BSAC decoders
2012-03-22 Brijesh NekkareSync between A9 DOMX and Ducati OMX interface
2012-03-09 Shivaraj Shetty[OMAP4-DOMX]Patch to add new index to control feature...
2012-03-08 Naveen Kumar... [cp-cam] enqueue vector shot interface changes
2012-03-08 Naveen Kumar... Add interfaces for OMX component allocation support
2012-03-07 Naveen Kumar... Extend buffer types in OMX_TI_BUFFERTYPE
2012-03-06 Naveen Kumar... Dynamic algo disable
2012-03-06 Naveen Kumar... OMX interface for Port Tap Point
2012-03-06 Naveen Kumar... Re-Process mode in single preview
2012-03-06 Naveen Kumar... New CPCam Usecase interface change
2012-03-06 Naveen Kumar... Interface changes for absolute exposure-gain bracketing
2012-03-02 Saurabh Bipin... Updating DOMX Core corresponding to OMX Core
2012-02-14 Phanish Hanagal[domx-cam]: Buffer allocation for 1080p was smaller...
2012-02-03 Emilian PeevDOMX: OMX param for sensor compression
2012-01-13 Radha DasariSetupTunnel:fix to return Comp returned Err value
2011-12-23 Ivan EvlogievDOMX: Add new camera views
2011-12-23 Ivan EvlogievDOMX: Change use of structure HISTOGRAMTYPE
2011-12-20 a kasi viswanathan[Code Clean] domx code cleanup
2011-12-20 a kasi viswanathan[TRACE] Include function name in tracing
2011-12-20 a kasi viswanathan[Compiler warning removal]
2011-12-20 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoMerge "[Cleanup] unused roles , unused components"
2011-12-19 Emilian PeevDOMX: Adds GLBCE to OMX Capabilities
2011-12-13 Radha Dasari[omx-venc]interface update -auto frame rate update
2011-12-09 Saurabh Bipin... [DOMX] Adding check for null buffer at PROXY_FreeBuffer
2011-12-08 a kasi viswanathan[Cleanup] unused roles , unused components
2011-12-02 Shivaraj ShettyPatch to fix segmentation fault in getconfig for SVC...
2011-12-01 Sujatha RatnalaMerge "DOMX: fix an ION handle leak"
2011-12-01 Tyler LuuDOMX: fix an ION handle leak
2011-12-01 Sujatha RatnalaMerge "Properly assering errors in PROXY_checkRpcError"
2011-12-01 Sujatha RatnalaMerge "Increase payload size to 300 bytes"
2011-11-30 Gabriel Guerrero... Properly assering errors in PROXY_checkRpcError
2011-11-29 Tyler LuuIncrease payload size to 300 bytes
2011-11-29 Sarthak AggarwalSupport i/p timestamps for decoders in decode order.
2011-11-29 Radha Purnimaomxh264e - interface update to support LTRP modes
2011-11-28 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoRevert "Merge "Increase payload size to 484 bytes""
2011-11-25 Sarthak AggarwalIncrease the max number of proxy buffers supported...
2011-11-23 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoMerge "[omx-h264e]interface update for multiple nal...
2011-11-23 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoMerge "Increase payload size to 484 bytes"
2011-11-22 Prasanna Kumar M.ROMX MPEG4 Encoder : Update the VFR config port index
2011-11-19 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoDOMX: Do not maintain the secure state info at the...
2011-11-18 Radha Purnima[omx-h264e]interface update for multiple nal/buf support
2011-11-18 Daniel LevinDOMX: Fixed reading secure flag
2011-11-18 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoMX: Do not maintain the secure state info at the userspace.
2011-11-18 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoEnable Secure-component call into Misc driver
2011-11-18 Phanish HanagalPatch to enable tiler buffer passing
2011-11-18 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoMerge "Remove dependency on LOGV for tracing"
2011-11-18 Abhishek RankaDOMX: Extend support for mapping two buffers to remote...
2011-11-18 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoRemove dependency on LOGV for tracing
2011-11-18 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoMerge "DOMX: Update camera capabilities"
2011-11-18 Saurabh Bipin... [DOMX] Receiving error from PROXY_EmptyThisBuffer
2011-11-17 Ivan EvlogievDOMX: Update camera capabilities
2011-11-17 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoMerge "[DOMX] Receiving error from PROXY_GetExtensionIndex"
2011-11-17 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoMerge "DOMX: OMX VIDEO DECODER PROXY changes to support...
2011-11-16 Jean JohnsonRevert "Fix: Compilation issues. Rename LOGV to ALOGV"