Add a timer to measure shot-to-shot delays.
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2011-04-28 Luciana Fujii PontelloDon't erase gnome-doc-utils.make on distclean
2010-02-09 Bastien NoceraMerge branch 'cheese-window-refactor'
2010-02-01 Filippo ArgiolasDon't remove while cleaning
2010-01-12 Bastien NoceraAdd API docs through gtk-doc for libcheese-gtk
2010-01-12 Bastien NoceraExport libcheese-gtk as a shared library
2009-12-03 daniel g. siegelmove test programs to tests/
2009-12-01 daniel g. siegelmove cheese-webcam to libcheese
2009-05-04 Filippo ArgiolasMerge branch 'videobalance'
2009-05-04 daniel g. siegeladd dist-hook rule for ChangeLog autogeneration
2008-06-16 Daniel G. Siegeluse intltool > 0.40 for autotools
2007-12-04 Jaap A. HaitsmaAdd boilerplate for manual in cheese. Still need to...
2007-11-19 Jaap A. HaitsmaRemove toc2 build system. Use autotools instead. This...