2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegelupdate AUTHORS
2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegelicons are now installed properly, thanks to stephan...
2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegelpo-changes
2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegeltoc2-install: refactored the processed needed to instal...
2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegelremove _darcs and svn-files from toc2make
2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegelpomo.make
2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegelwe dont need any toc2.make-files as they will be generated
2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegeladded in order to have the right...
2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegeladd the new cheese icon, thanks to Andreas Nilsson...
2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegelnow make dist works ;)
2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegelfixes a make dist behaviour
2007-06-30 Daniel G. Siegelnew build system! yeah!
2007-06-27 Daniel G. Siegeladd the other languages to the makefile
2007-06-27 Daniel G. Siegeladd italian translation, thanks to Alessandro Falappa
2007-06-27 Daniel G. Siegeladd galician translation, thanks to Ricardo González...
2007-06-25 Daniel G. Siegelchangelog update
2007-06-25 Daniel G. Siegeladd spanish translation, thanks to Ricardo González...
2007-06-25 Daniel G. Siegeladd portuguese translation, thanks to Miguel Rosa
2007-06-25 Daniel G. Siegeladd czech translation, thanks to Vítězslav Kotrla
2007-06-24 Daniel G. Siegelupdate TODO and README, add dependency cairo and update...
2007-06-24 Daniel G. Siegelupdate changelog
2007-06-24 Daniel G. Siegelenhance README
2007-06-24 Daniel G. Siegeladd translation (german)
2007-06-22 Daniel G. Siegeladd round corners for the effect-dialog
2007-06-22 Daniel G. Siegelset the main window to !resizable
2007-06-22 Daniel G. Siegeladd multi-effect support and new effect-dialog
2007-06-22 Daniel G. Siegeladd ChangeLog
2007-06-22 Daniel G. Siegeladding preview-pictures for effects
2007-06-12 Daniel G. Siegelsmall fixes for the release
2007-06-12 Daniel G. Siegeladd AUTHORS, README and update TODO
2007-06-12 Daniel G. Siegeladd desktop file
2007-06-12 Daniel G. Siegelmodifying todo-file
2007-06-12 Daniel G. Siegeladd copyright
2007-06-11 Daniel G. Siegelremove a useless printf
2007-06-11 Daniel G. Siegelyay, showing photos anyhow works
2007-06-11 Daniel G. Siegeladd menu and some iconbar improvements
2007-06-08 Daniel G. Siegelimplementing effects
2007-05-31 Daniel G. Siegelcleanup, objectification and arrangement of the code...
2007-05-03 Daniel G. Siegelsplitting a bit up
2007-05-03 Daniel G. Siegeladd file-monitoring
2007-05-02 Daniel G. Siegeladd thumbnailing
2007-05-02 Daniel G. Siegelremove jpeg-support
2007-05-02 Daniel G. Siegelenhance gui
2007-05-01 Daniel G. Siegeloutsource gst-state-functions
2007-05-01 Daniel G. Siegelmaemo-code isnt used anymore
2007-05-01 Daniel G. Siegelfix jpeg-handling
2007-05-01 Daniel G. Siegelfix glade-file
2007-05-01 Daniel G. Siegelremove raphaels python code
2007-04-27 Daniel G. Siegeluse gdk-pixbuf to save photos
2007-04-25 Daniel G. Siegelremove binary
2007-04-25 Daniel G. Siegelupdate todo
2007-04-25 Daniel G. Siegeluse gconf to get gstreamer-properties
2007-04-22 Daniel G. Siegeladded roadmap
2007-04-22 Daniel G. Siegelcleanup
2007-04-22 Daniel G. Siegelfixing picture-saving
2007-04-22 Daniel G. Siegeladded picture saving
2007-04-21 Daniel G. Siegelinitial import