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last changeWed, 19 Feb 2014 05:03:57 +0000 (13:03 +0800)
2014-02-19 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: fix ip_period value in sequence parameter. master
2014-01-23 Zhao, Halleyvp8 parser: codecparses submodule 56b8ce38def9
2014-01-23 Zhao, Halleyvp8 dec: sync to patches submitted to gnome
2014-01-19 Zhao, Halleyvp8 dec: clamp quantization_index to [0,127]
2014-01-19 Zhao, Halleyvp8 dec: segmentation data is multi-frame-data as well
2014-01-19 Zhao, Halleyvp8 dec: quantization_index[i][0] is for y_ac, [i]...
2014-01-19 Zhao, Halleyvp8 dec: handle the case when frame_width/frame_height...
2014-01-19 Zhao, Halleyvp8 dec: update on segmentation_enabled/segment_feature...
2014-01-17 Wind Yuandecoder: fix crash on invalid pointer
2014-01-17 Wind Yuanh264 dec: add more checks from pps for hardware profile
2014-01-15 Zhao, Halleyvp8 dec: update prob table when refresh_entropy_probs...
2014-01-15 Zhao, Halleyvp8 dec: fix for partition_size
2014-01-15 Zhao, Halleyvp8 dec: update on frame reference
2014-01-15 Zhao, Halleyvp8 dec: fix for loop_filter_disable
2014-01-15 Zhao, Halleyvp8 dec: follows va_dec_vp8.h changs
2014-01-08 Zhao, Halleyvaapidecode: add vp8 decoder files 2
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