last changeWed, 29 May 2013 16:59:33 +0000 (18:59 +0200)
2013-05-29 Orest Tarasiuksupport GS 3.8 master
2012-12-25 Orest Tarasiukstart in the off state (work around gpsd.socket activat...
2012-11-06 Orest Tarasiukupdate description
2012-11-06 Orest Tarasiukadd gs 3.6 compatibility; fix 'gps init' on start
2012-10-24 Orest Tarasiukcleanup, gettext name->uuid; disconnect all settings
2012-10-19 Orest Tarasiukformatting; refresh on click
2012-08-13 Orest Tarasiukmetadata: set version to 99 -- this is always the curre...
2012-08-11 Orest Tarasiukupdate gettext, add preferences menu item
2012-08-11 Orest Tarasiukcopy-paste typo in xml
2012-08-11 Orest Tarasiuktypo in licence text
2012-08-11 Orest Tarasiukeliminate initial connexion lag (use only async reads)
2012-08-10 Orest Tarasiukupdate metadata
2012-08-10 Orest Tarasiukprevent gps-status from polling gpsd if gps is thought...
2012-08-10 Orest Tarasiukremove the ugly (and no longer necessary) try-catch...
2012-08-10 Orest Tarasiukadd gitignore
2012-08-10 Orest Tarasiukreorder and correct preferences
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