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2015-02-01 LorenzoMinor changes to GUI for automation
2015-02-01 LorenzoMIDI automation and gui modified accordingly
2015-02-01 LorenzoMerge branch 'master' of
2015-02-01 LorenzoGui change to add automation
2015-02-01 LorenzoAdded MIDI automation, small changes to GUI
2014-06-28 Lorenzocorrected gr_pan~ in main Granita patch
2012-12-10 LorenzoMinor updates to README (e.g. email was wrong)
2012-02-12 Lorenzo SuttonSmall changes to README
2012-02-12 Lorenzo SuttonRemoved motex/pan~ dependency. Now Granita is Pd Vanill...
2012-02-12 Lorenzo SuttonRemoved cyclone/prepend dependency unsing list append
2012-02-11 Lorenzo SuttonAdded smooth to live recorder (begin and end are rapidl...
2012-02-11 Lorenzo SuttonChanged wave files to aiff to temporarly work-around...
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