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last changeSun, 8 Feb 2015 05:41:13 +0000 (23:41 -0600)
2015-02-08 Ruben PollanAccept epubs without NCX file master
2014-02-17 Ruben PollanOpen files if the capitalization is incorrect
2014-02-17 Ruben PollanIf invalid NCX try the ncx id
2014-01-14 Ruben PollanMerge pull request #1 from julien-c/master
2014-01-13 Julien ChaumondUse built-in path function
2013-07-23 Ruben PollanDecode xml with HTML entities
2013-07-18 Ruben PollanThe name of the metadata fields is lowercase
2013-07-18 Ruben PollanAdd OpenFileId to open files by the id of them
2013-06-03 Ruben PollanAdd gitignore
2013-06-03 Ruben PollanMake it compilant with golint
2013-05-08 Ruben PollanTest if there is no NCX on the spine
2013-05-08 Ruben PollantoMData don't return errors, don't check it
2013-04-24 Ruben PollanParse xml files with different charsets than UTF-8
2013-04-10 Ruben PollanDocument meta as a valid metadata field
2013-04-08 Ruben PollanFix documentation
2013-04-07 Ruben PollanAdd meta field to metadata
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