last changeMon, 16 Aug 2010 13:56:34 +0000 (15:56 +0200)
2010-08-16 Chris KühlEnums now use glib-mkenums. master
2010-08-09 Chris KühlFixed a few memory leaks.
2010-08-06 Chris KühlAdded .gitignore file.
2010-08-05 Chris KühlDeleted files commited in error. Need a .gitignore...
2010-08-05 Chris KühlAdded --enable-warnings and cleaned up install issues.
2010-07-28 Chris KühlTook out workarounds for Fedora/clutter-gtk issues. v0.1.1
2010-07-24 Chris KühlFixed trivial imcompatible pointer warning. 0.1 v0.1
2010-07-23 Chris KühlAdded bad German translation.
2010-07-23 Chris KühlCards now have colored shapes using cairo and matched...
2010-07-22 Chris KühlCouple minor GUI and code cleanup changes.
2010-07-21 Chris KühlAdded GUI features. For example, stop/start game, view...
2010-07-20 Chris KühlGot gameplay working and board resizing with window.
2010-07-14 Chris KühlAdded randomization and basic card layout.
2010-07-09 Chris KühlAdded signals to gobjects and have basic code for card...
2010-07-08 Chris KühlInitial setup of gobjects for game and cards.
2010-06-25 Chris KühlAdded internationalization to app skeleton.
12 years ago v0.1.1 Removed workarounds for Fedora...
12 years ago v0.1 First early release version (v0.1)
12 years ago 0.1
12 years ago master