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2010-05-24 Kim Jung Nissensmall fixes and changed some stuff to properties instead :) master
2010-05-22 Kim Jung Nissenforgot to commit small changes
2010-05-21 Kim Jung Nissenas good as I can do it with so short time
2010-05-21 Kim Jung Nissenfixes and tweaks
2010-05-20 Kim Jung Nissenscripts should be done now, and only needs tweaking
2010-05-20 Kim Jung Nissenfixes
2010-05-19 Kim Jung Nissendirect is hitting now :D
2010-05-19 Kim Jung Nissenfixes and the new scripts added
2010-05-19 Kim Jung Nissentrees created
2010-05-18 Kim Jung Nissenworking but not hitting, tweaking needing
2010-05-18 Kim Jung Nissenalmost working
2010-05-17 Kim Jung Nissenrunning
2010-05-17 Kim Jung Nissenfixes
2010-05-15 Kim Jung Nissenfinally done with scripts
2010-05-15 Kim Jung NissenMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-15 Kim Jung Nissenfiles
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