2010-06-09 Kim Jung Nissenmore hackhack
2010-05-27 Kim Jung Nissentesting stuff
2010-05-26 Kim Jung Nissenbah
2010-05-25 Kim Jung Nissenchanges
2010-05-25 Kim Jung Nissenhackhack
2010-05-20 Kim Jung Nissenadded a variable needed in the scripts master
2010-05-18 Kim Jung Nissennow working as it should
2010-05-18 Kim Jung Nissenadded some script objects in btnodescriptable
2010-05-17 Kim Jung Nissennow running but problem with not getting the playerMana...
2010-05-17 Kim Jung Nissenworking
2010-05-15 Dan Leinir... Make the character's tree property work
2010-04-26 Dan Leinir... Use the metainfo functionality to provide assistance...
2010-04-26 Dan Leinir... Unbreak compilation
2010-04-26 Kim Jung Nissenadded funtionality for setting the file of the behavior...
2010-04-19 Kim Jung Nissenusing debug from gluonobject instead
2010-04-16 Kim Jung Nissenfixed a little error
2010-04-16 Kim Jung Nissenrefactoring such that there are only one lib now :D
2010-04-15 Kim Jung Nissennot using script asset, but asset instead. Filtering...
2010-04-15 Kim Jung Nissencompiling and installing
2010-04-14 Kim Jung Nissenfixed some linking errors and some stupid stack overflo...
2010-04-13 Kim Jung Nissenadded scriptable btnode and btcharacter plus some addin...
2010-04-12 Kim Jung Nissenadded script support for btperceptioninfoscriptable
2010-04-12 Kim Jung Nissenadded the script functions from qtscriptcomponent to...
2010-04-12 Kim Jung Nissenadded the correct class for perceptioninfo
2010-04-11 Kim Jung Nissencomponents for behaviortrees and perception
2010-04-10 Kim Jung Nissenprepared for getting the componenets done
2010-04-10 Dan Leinir... Install the components into /usr/lib... rather than...
2010-04-10 Kim Jung Nissenrenaming and and compiling. the character component...
2009-12-01 Dan Leinir... Clean up debug output
2009-11-30 Dan Leinir... Finally make this whole thing work... the BT components...
2009-11-30 Dan Leinir... A bit more work... We're running, but why does it need...
2009-11-30 Dan Leinir... Load test brain, parse, sub-assets created on setFile
2009-11-30 Dan Leinir... Add very very simple test brain
2009-11-27 Dan Leinir... Make plugins compile, install and load in gluon
2009-11-27 Dan Leinir... Much reworking of the component/asset plugins
2009-11-24 Dan Leinir... Make sure to call parent's constructor
2009-11-24 Dan Leinir... A bit more stuff
2009-11-23 Dan Leinir... Use the new REGISTER_OBJECTTYPE macro syntax from libgluon
2009-11-23 Dan Leinir... Add the testapp
2009-11-19 Dan Leinir... small test app + test gdl
2009-11-16 Dan Leinir... Properly initinalize d pointer
2009-11-16 Dan Leinir... Implement instantiate() function
2009-11-15 Dan Leinir... Install locations...
2009-11-15 Dan Leinir... Don't require kde4 when we're not using kde4...
2009-11-12 Dan Leinir... Initial checkin (asset and tree)