2012-03-24 NalaGinrutDrop the set locale trick in last commit. Because we...
2012-03-24 NalaGinrutADD: with-locale to fix the time string bug.
2012-03-23 NalaGinrutFIXED: the bug in server:wait-for-listen-port-ready...
2012-03-22 NalaGinrutFixed the totally wrong usage of epoll module. Now...
2012-03-21 NalaGinrutepoll rocks! Now I think the left bugs is in protocols...
2012-03-20 NalaGinrutfixed epoll event module, killed many bugs, but still...
2012-03-19 NalaGinrut * change async-read old string way to bytevector.
2012-03-19 NalaGinrut modified: ragnarok/aio.scm
2012-03-19 NalaGinrutADD: assert in (rnrs base)
2012-03-19 NalaGinrutChange the old way fork code to open-pipe*.
2012-02-23 NalaGinrutFIX: error handler can use 'case' directly
2012-02-07 NalaGinrutadd async-non-block read/write: async-read/async-write
2012-01-30 NalaGinrutnew event module interface used, and make passed.
2012-01-29 NalaGinrutADD: duo-licenses declaration GPL/LGPL 3
2012-01-29 NalaGinrutFIXED: unbound slot bug
2012-01-29 NalaGinrutADD: rag_epoll_set_append
2012-01-29 NalaGinrut modified: ragnarok/utils.scm
2012-01-27 NalaGinrut modified: TODO
2012-01-19 NalaGinrutUPDATE: add new eips module
2012-01-18 NalaGinrutUPDATE: event module of SCM part
2012-01-04 NalaGinrutUPDATE: use substring/shared instead of string-copy
2011-12-28 NalaGinrutADD: read-count
2011-12-17 NalaGinrutrm rubbish
2011-12-17 NalaGinrutFinish event module (the Cee part), and compiled successed!
2011-12-16 NalaGinrutUPDATE: fixed epoll_event_set set to fd_set, and fd_set...
2011-12-15 NalaGinrutUPDATE: unify event interface
2011-12-14 NalaGinrutUPDATE: rewrite the event structure
2011-12-13 NalaGinrutFIX: memory leak since scm_to_locale_string didn't...
2011-12-12 NalaGinrut modified: cee/event.h
2011-11-28 NalaGinrut deleted: cee/rag_struct.c
2011-11-28 NalaGinrutAt least this commit can be compiled...
2011-11-28 NalaGinrut modified: cee/event.c
2011-11-27 NalaGinrut* ADD: ragnarok/event.scm
2011-11-24 NalaGinrut* cee/rag_select.c
2011-11-21 NalaGinrutFinished rag_select module
2011-11-18 NalaGinrutrm rubbish
2011-11-18 NalaGinrutADD event
2011-11-05 NalaGinrutFIX: path-fix crash bug fixed.
2011-11-05 NalaGinrutrm rubbish
2011-11-05 NalaGinrutFix binary-file GET bug.
2011-10-26 NalaGinrutregular fix
2011-10-26 NalaGinrutrm rubbish
2011-10-26 NalaGinrutsub-server and request handler goes into threads now.
2011-10-25 NalaGinrutUse threads. But some bugs' still there.
2011-10-24 NalaGinrutUPDATE: brand new config module
2011-10-20 NalaGinrutGuile cgi tpl runs! v0.0.3
2011-10-19 NalaGinrutADD: gcrypt mda
2011-10-18 NalaGinrutUPDATE: guile cgi module. But still can't run. The...
2011-10-15 NalaGinrutCGI runs!
2011-10-14 NalaGinrutUPDATE: regular cgi handler v0.0.2
2011-10-13 NalaGinrut* fix version generation problem
2011-10-13 NalaGinrut* Fix temporary lib path while make utils...
2011-10-12 NalaGinrutCGI pipe read fixed.
2011-10-11 NalaGinrutADD: cache-core; standard-cgi
2011-09-30 NalaGinrutmove Cee daemon to Guile version. Makefile fixed. ADD...
2011-09-25 NalaGinrutfix v0.0.1
2011-09-25 NalaGinrutADD:
2011-09-25 NalaGinrutADD: config.sub
2011-09-25 NalaGinrutADD: install-sh
2011-09-25 NalaGinrutfix: configure
2011-09-25 NalaGinrutfix: configure
2011-09-25 NalaGinrutconfigure & make
2011-09-21 NalaGinrutmain program ragnarok.c as daemon
2011-09-19 NalaGinrutADD:
2011-09-13 NalaGinrutADD: autoconf
2011-09-12 NalaGinrutmime type checking works now~
2011-09-11 NalaGinrutADD path_fix
2011-09-07 NalaGinrutADD: scandir|fix_path
2011-09-06 NalaGinrutADD: http/hook.scm http/handler.scm; FIX: module depenc...
2011-09-05 NalaGinrutADD: request.scm
2011-09-04 NalaGinrutGET/err page/HEAD are OK now. But show dirs still need...
2011-08-27 Nala GinrutADD: directory print
2011-08-27 NalaGinrutUPDATE: file permit check
2011-08-24 NalaGinrutUPDATE: add headers.scm/response.scm; rewrite http...
2011-08-22 NalaGinrutUPDATE: add method.scm ,http methods handler added...
2011-08-20 NalaGinrutUPDATE: static page serv's done
2011-08-18 NalaGinrutUPDATE: server connection is done. Begin http protocol...
2011-08-17 NalaGinrutUPDATE: fix bugs in the handler register, and ADD unreg...
2011-08-17 NalaGinrutUPDATE: protocol handler register mechanism is done
2011-08-17 NalaGinrutADD msg.scm | FINISH log.scm | UPDATE server.scm
2011-08-03 NalaGinrutUPDATE: config complete
2011-08-02 NalaGinrutfirst commit. Don't expect anything\!