last changeSat, 6 Mar 2010 17:55:44 +0000 (18:55 +0100)
2010-03-06 Guillaume EmontDeactivated building of tests master
2010-03-06 Guillaume EmontUse LOCAL_LDLIBS instead of LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES...
2010-03-06 Guillaume EmontNDKified gmodule, gobject and gthread's android makefiles.
2010-03-06 Guillaume EmontCompile glib as a static library, use short name for...
2010-03-06 Guillaume EmontUse LOCAL_C_FLAGS for include dirs as LOCAL_C_INCLUDES...
2009-03-13 Edward HerveyCleanup of makefiles.
2009-03-12 Edward HerveyMore auto-generated files. These are not available...
2009-03-11 Prajnashi Sconfig.h : the glib headers already define HAVE_MALLOC_H
2009-03-11 Prajnashi Stests: Make mainloop test verbose
2009-03-11 Prajnashi SFix some includes (this might be fixed in more recent...
2009-03-11 Prajnashi SFixes for systems without libiconv
2009-03-11 Prajnashi SFixes for systems without "locale.h"
2009-03-11 Prajnashi SMore fixes for libc functions not available in bionic.
2009-03-11 Prajnashi SFix posix issues with bionic's libc
2009-03-11 Prajnashi SAuto-generated files for Android build
2009-03-11 Prajnashi SAndroid specific makefiles
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