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last changeSun, 13 Jan 2008 19:40:35 +0000 (20:40 +0100)
2008-01-13 Yurii RashkovskiiMerge git:// master
2008-01-13 Yurii RashkovskiiGitBackend spec moved to lib/ specs (since it is not...
2008-01-13 Johan SørensenAdded license files
2008-01-13 Yurii Rashkovskiiautogenerated db/schema.rb is excluded
2008-01-13 Johan Sørensenmore FAQ entries and some contact info
2008-01-13 Johan Sørensenunify logs per page usage
2008-01-13 Johan Sørensenpaginated repos log views
2008-01-13 Johan Sørensensupport --skip in git-log
2008-01-13 Johan Sørensenvendored rubygit
2008-01-13 Johan Sørensensimple_format() project description
2008-01-12 Johan SørensenFixed Atom url generation
2008-01-12 Johan Sørensenfixed submenu margin-bottom
2008-01-12 Johan SørensenCheck Client#query_url against the actual routes
2008-01-12 Johan Sørensenlog less from tasks and update todo
2008-01-12 Johan Sørensen- fixed edgecase bug in diff-display
2008-01-12 Johan Sørensenfixed invalid html
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