Redirecting to a separate pre activation message screen instead of just flashing...
[gitorious:yousource.git] / app / controllers / users_controller.rb
2009-09-25 August LilleaasRedirecting to a separate pre activation message screen...
2009-05-13 Marius MathiesenUsers that haven't been activated can no longer perform...
2009-04-30 Johan SørensenRemoved the need for the version-controlled EULA (it...
2009-04-30 Marius MathiesenAdding support for deleting a user's avatar.
2009-04-22 Johan SørensenShow all repositories a user has access to on his ...
2009-04-22 Johan SørensenOnly display ~user pages for users who are activated
2009-04-22 Johan SørensenChanged password reset routines to make users click...
2009-04-22 Marius MathiesenChanged the openid registration process:
2009-04-22 Johan SørensenUpdated copyrights-blurb in all application files
2009-04-22 Tor Arne VestbøUse flash :sucess instead of :notice for users controller
2009-04-22 Marius MathiesenChanged the signup process:
2009-04-22 Johan SørensenOnly show the "top" events on the ~user page
2009-04-22 Johan SørensenRequire SSL on certain account related actions
2009-04-22 Johan SørensenRename install_site_before_filters to renders_in_site_s...
2009-04-22 Johan SørensenRedirect to the current_site's subdomain, if it has...
2009-04-22 Johan SørensenFixed failing user<=>account related tests, and made...
2009-04-22 Tor Arne VestbøMerge the accounts controller into the user controller
2009-04-22 Johan SørensenSeparate out the repository ownership from the namespacing
2009-04-22 Johan SørensenUpdate to Rails 2.3RC1
2009-01-09 Fabio AkitaMajor refactoring of the whole Gitorious project. I...
2009-01-09 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'akita/master'
2009-01-09 Fabio AkitaImplemented Private Mode - now you can have a locked...
2008-12-01 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-11-28 Tor Arne VestbøAdd copyright and license headers (AGPL) to code files
2008-04-29 David A. CuadradoMerge commit 'johan/new-ui' into new-ui
2008-04-29 Johan SørensenMade the user feed a member action, since usernames...
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenAtom feeds for events
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/graph-generator' into new-ui
2008-04-26 Johan SørensenClean up user page and submenus
2008-04-20 Johan Sø => events.created_at and other Event relate...
2008-04-19 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/events' into project-events
2008-04-14 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-04-12 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/graph-generator'
2008-04-12 Johan Sørensenreset password functionality
2008-04-08 David A. Cuadradorefactoring to use polymorphic associations (USER does...
2008-04-04 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' into events
2008-03-29 Johan SørensenClean up users#show a wee bit
2008-03-29 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/master'
2008-03-29 David A. Cuadradouser/show: number of commits in the last week
2008-03-27 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-03-20 David A. Cuadradooptimizations
2008-03-20 David A. Cuadradouser show: small optimization
2008-03-03 Johan Sørensenremoved optional confirmation setting
2008-03-03 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-02-29 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-02-26 David A. CuadradoOption to enable/disable email confirmation
2008-02-03 Johan Sørensenslight improvements to project lists and user pages
2008-01-15 Johan SørensenFix user activation routing
2008-01-06 Johan Sørensenflash message clarifications
2008-01-06 Johan Sørensenreally do require user activation on account creation
2008-01-03 Johan Sørensenadd an url to User
2007-12-12 Johan SørensenUser profile page
2007-11-22 Johan Sørensenmisc smaller fixes
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensen- added show routes task
2007-08-14 Johan Sørensen* added restful_authentication plugin