Smarter failed pre-conditions
[gitorious:use_case.git] / test / use_case_test.rb
2013-04-07 Christian JohansenSmarter failed pre-conditions v0.8.0
2013-04-05 Christian JohansenAllow command to be implicitly used as builder
2013-04-04 Christian JohansenSupport lambda commands
2013-04-04 Christian Johansen0.6.0: command as the main abstraction v0.6.0
2013-04-04 Christian Johansen0.5.0: Support multiple chained commands v0.5.0
2013-04-01 Christian JohansenBuilder is invoked with 'build', handles errors v0.3.0
2013-04-01 Christian JohansenAdd builder option
2013-03-26 Christian JohansenInitial commit