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last changeMon, 25 Nov 2013 21:53:18 +0000 (22:53 +0100)
2013-11-25 Christian JohansenUp version master
2013-11-25 Christian JohansenAdd optional filter to scanEnvAttrs
2013-11-25 Christian JohansenBring test suite up to date
2013-10-29 Christian JohansenUp version v0.3.0
2013-10-29 Christian JohansenMove docs to Readme
2013-10-29 Christian JohansenDon't fail when adding non-existent features
2013-10-23 Christian JohansenFix bug with eager -> lazy -> lazy dep graph
2013-10-22 Christian JohansenUp version v0.2.0
2013-10-22 Christian JohansenDon't eagerly load lazy features
2013-10-22 Christian JohansenUpdate Buster
2013-06-15 Christian JohansenAdd reload and skip events
2013-06-15 Christian JohansenAllow for argument serialization
2013-06-14 Christian JohansenExtensible equals check when checking cached calls
2013-06-14 Christian JohansenAvoid reloading modules with the same arguments
2013-06-13 Christian JohansenWhen refreshing modules with env, use fresh data
2013-06-13 Christian JohansenGet features depending on features depending on...
4 years ago v0.3.0
4 years ago v0.2.0
4 years ago master