2013-07-02 Christian JohansenBuild
2013-07-02 Christian JohansenLoad rails-links component
2013-07-02 Christian JohansenUpdate build
2013-07-02 Christian JohansenReplace full commit oids with refnames when available
2013-07-02 Christian JohansenRef selector is valid for commit log as well
2013-07-02 Christian JohansenAdd new builds
2013-07-02 Christian JohansenAdd Capillary/log graph module
2013-07-02 Christian JohansenAdd build
2013-07-02 Christian JohansenProfile menu should drop down
2013-07-02 Christian JohansenBuild
2013-07-02 Christian JohansenFix buggy event listening
2013-07-01 Christian JohansenFix bugs in clone name suggestion
2013-07-01 Christian JohansenUpdate build
2013-07-01 Christian JohansenMinor clone name suggestion tweaks
2013-07-01 Christian JohansenClone name suggestion module
2013-07-01 Christian JohansenLoad CSRF by class name
2013-06-29 Christian JohansenUpdate build
2013-06-29 Christian JohansenAdd rails links implementation
2013-06-29 Christian JohansenNo separate page for repository memberships
2013-06-29 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2013-06-29 Christian JohansenNark admin menu active if markup indicates to
2013-06-28 Christian JohansenAdd build
2013-06-28 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2013-06-28 Christian JohansenTweak repo admin menu
2013-06-28 Christian JohansenAdd repository admin menu component
2013-06-28 Christian JohansenToggle collapse elements on data, not class
2013-06-25 Christian JohansenAdd build
2013-06-25 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2013-06-25 Christian JohansenAdd collapse module
2013-06-25 Christian JohansenPeriodic timeago updates immediately
2013-06-25 Christian JohansenAdd timeago module
2013-06-17 Christian JohansenAdd build
2013-06-17 Christian JohansenLint and test
2013-06-17 Christian JohansenFix tests
2013-06-15 Christian JohansenRefresh build
2013-06-15 Christian JohansenAvoid reloading modules that don't need reloading
2013-06-14 Christian JohansenUpdate build
2013-06-14 Christian JohansenRegion selection in blobs
2013-06-14 Christian JohansenStyle
2013-06-14 Christian JohansenMinor tweaks, new build
2013-06-13 Christian JohansenReduce logo padding
2013-06-13 Christian JohansenPrevious commit didn't solve anything
2013-06-13 Christian JohansenUpdated build
2013-06-13 Christian JohansenDon't start the spinner too soon
2013-06-13 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2013-06-13 Christian JohansenUpdate build script
2013-06-13 Christian JohansenRevamped modules and init file
2013-06-13 Christian JohansenUpdate CSS
2013-06-11 Marius MathiesenMerge commit '9654503'
2013-06-11 Marius MathiesenAdd readme styling
2013-06-04 Marius MathiesenMerge commit 'd78b8b603cb6df556d000564bd6869c77294a8f7'
2013-06-04 Marius MathiesenReplace logo, add some padding around it
2013-02-25 Christian JohansenAdd app implementation
2013-02-06 Christian JohansenUpdate dependencies, fix tests
2013-02-06 Christian JohansenClean up
2013-01-14 Christian JohansenAdd preliminary profile menu
2012-12-17 Christian JohansenAdd docs
2012-12-14 Christian JohansenTweak search box/login button position
2012-12-14 Christian JohansenAdd commit linker component
2012-12-14 Christian JohansenDocumentation
2012-10-15 Christian JohansenMinor tweaks to ref selector
2012-10-15 Christian JohansenOnly show symbolic ref as link text
2012-10-15 Christian JohansenRef selector receives list of [ref, oid]
2012-10-15 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2012-10-15 Christian JohansenSort refs in ref selector
2012-10-11 Christian JohansenUse current repository if available
2012-10-10 Christian Johansensource is a valid URL fragment
2012-10-10 Christian JohansenRename gts-com-plug to generic gts-footer-blurb
2012-10-10 Christian JohansenEnable some more bootstrap things
2012-10-07 Christian JohansenEnable markdown preview
2012-10-06 Christian JohansenAdd showdown
2012-10-06 Christian JohansenAdd author table cell
2012-10-06 Christian JohansenGeneric status and age
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenFriendlier <pre><code> in markup pages
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenLess noisy <code> on markup pages
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenTweak spinner
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenKill unused libraries
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenAbbreviate commit summary to 50 characters
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenEnable tree history
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenMake tree history supported nested trees
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenUpdate CullJS
2012-10-02 Christian JohansenAdd tree history module
2012-10-02 Christian JohansenNew build
2012-10-02 Christian JohansenAdd package description to easy dep installations
2012-10-02 Christian JohansenUpdate test configuration
2012-10-02 Christian JohansenFix build
2012-10-02 Christian JohansenAdd remaining modules
2012-10-02 Christian JohansenAdd module
2012-10-02 Christian JohansenRearranging
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenFix build...
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenFix
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenAdd dependencies and built version
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenMake it possible to enter custom ref in ref-selector
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenSeparate gts-file and generic browsing stuff
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenFix minor bugs in ref selector
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenTMP fix
2012-09-25 Christian JohansenFix branches -> heads
2012-09-25 Christian JohansenAdd tests