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last changeMon, 26 Nov 2012 15:32:04 +0000 (16:32 +0100)
2012-11-26 Steffen ForkmannPath for rails root is not correct master
2012-11-26 Steffen ForkmannUsing file.join in order to locate the file path of...
2012-11-26 Steffen ForkmannFixing Error message: remote: hooks/post-receive:25...
2012-11-26 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'release/2.4.0'
2012-11-26 Marius MathiesenGitorious 2.4.0 v2.4.0
2012-11-26 Marius MathiesenMore sanitization in search results
2012-11-26 Marius MathiesenTruncate and sanitize description
2012-11-26 Marius MathiesenDon't pass search query as an option to ThinkingSphinx
2012-11-26 Marius MathiesenWrap search results in a presenter
2012-11-26 Marius MathiesenThinkingSphinx </3 WillPaginate
2012-11-23 Marius MathiesenWillPaginate doesn't work with Thinking Sphinx
2012-11-16 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'hotfix/issue-138' into next
2012-11-16 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'hotfix/issue-138'
2012-11-16 Marius MathiesenEnsure groups are valid in Groups#create - fixes #138
2012-11-13 Marius MathiesenSeems there's a wrapper of some kind around the memcach...
2012-11-13 Marius MathiesenAllow configuring Memcache
5 years ago v2.4.0 Unvendored Rails, changed search...
5 years ago v2.3.2 Resolve issue with an older databas...
5 years ago v2.3.1 Gitorious CLI scripts, unicorn...
5 years ago v2.3.0 Kerberos, custom hooks, diagnostics...
5 years ago v2.2.1 Makes the sync adapter work again
5 years ago v2.2.0 Private repositories, site-level...
6 years ago v2.1.1 Resolve a potential vulnerability...
6 years ago v2.1.0 Graphs, HTTP API, blame, improved...
6 years ago v2.0.2 Patches a XSS vulnerability
6 years ago v2.0.1 New messaging API, pagination impro...
6 years ago v2.0.0 First versioned version of Gitorious
7 years ago test-tag
7 years ago loba-loba
7 years ago SPEC
7 years ago 20110110-1 deployment
5 years ago master
5 years ago next
5 years ago feature/permission-update-script
5 years ago feature/rails3
5 years ago migration_fix
5 years ago feature/rails-upgrade
5 years ago dolt-integration
5 years ago features/ldap_authorization
5 years ago features/multiple_roots
5 years ago features/update-execption-notification
6 years ago private-repos
6 years ago self-diagnostics
6 years ago features/cluster-support
6 years ago torque-messaging
6 years ago rails-3.1
6 years ago rails-3.0