last changeWed, 9 Jan 2013 09:00:08 +0000 (10:00 +0100)
2013-01-09 Marius MathiesenMerge branch '2.x-stable' master
2013-01-09 Marius MathiesenGitorious 2.4.5
2013-01-09 Marius MathiesenRevert "Revert "Support a remote redis server when...
2013-01-08 Peter KjellerstedtShow "(suspended)" for non-active users
2013-01-08 Peter KjellerstedtDo not use Content-Disposition: attachment for raw...
2013-01-08 Peter KjellerstedtAllow max render and download size of blobs to be confi...
2013-01-08 Marius MathiesenRevert "Support a remote redis server when sending...
2013-01-08 Marius MathiesenMerge branch '2.x-stable'
2013-01-08 Marius MathiesenFix double rendering of comments.
2013-01-02 Marius MathiesenUpgrade existing permissions when changing owner of...
2012-12-21 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'release/2.4.4' into next
2012-12-21 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'release/2.4.4'
2012-12-21 Marius MathiesenGitorious 2.4.4
2012-12-21 Marius MathiesenUpgrade Paperclip dependency to fix failing avatars
2012-12-21 Marius MathiesenFix link to missing translation
2012-12-13 Marius MathiesenFix a misleading comment in gitorious.sample.yml
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