2011-10-14 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2011-10-14 Christian JohansenRead Git version at boot time
2011-10-14 Marius MathiesenMaking the LDAP test script a little more robust
2011-10-14 Christian JohansenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/176' of gitorious...
2011-10-14 Christian JohansenResolve merge conflict
2011-10-14 Peter KjellerstedtShow the actually used Git version in the FAQ
2011-10-14 Peter KjellerstedtShow the correct server name in the FAQ
2011-10-14 Peter KjellerstedtCorrect erroneous embedded tag
2011-10-12 Marius MathiesenExtract terms of service related links
2011-10-12 Marius MathiesenA string value will never evaluate to a number
2011-10-12 Marius MathiesenUse the public host&port, not the private ones
2011-10-12 Marius MathiesenSome SMTP servers won't accept this address format
2011-10-12 Marius MathiesenAllow for configuring a From: address in email
2011-10-12 Marius MathiesenHide watch button for anonymous users
2011-10-12 Marius MathiesenInform that SSH fingerprint hasn't been configured
2011-10-12 Marius MathiesenFixing misguiding comment
2011-10-11 Christian JohansenAllow gitorious.yml to specify 'plugins'
2011-10-11 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2011-10-11 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2011-10-11 Marius MathiesenAllow for additional links in the footer via gitorious.yml
2011-10-11 Christian JohansenExtract project meta to separate template
2011-10-11 Marius MathiesenSupport providing the real SSH fingerprint in gitorious.yml
2011-10-11 Marius MathiesenThis copyright statement didn't make any sense
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenClean up white-space and formatting
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenDon't use images for text in the footer logo
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenMissing helper methods
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenFAQ routing updates
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenRender footer links from partial
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenNew faq route
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenWhitespace. The trailing sort. Kill it.
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenAllow local TOS and privacy policy pages
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenRudimentary support for naming a Gitorious install
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenDon't show defunkt register link in private mode
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenWarn when configured to add non-existant view paths
2011-10-07 Christian JohansenShow license descriptions with JavaScript
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenMake license label configurable
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenFormat view in a readable manner
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/175' of git://gitorio...
2011-10-05 Peter KjellerstedtMake the Clone & push urls look ok again
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenProper formatting (no tabs)
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenEscape ampersand in markup
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenRender license descriptions in projects/new markup
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenProject licenses configuration can not be hash
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenTrailing white-space. Kill it. With fire.
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenMake available licenses configurable
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenMake project licenses proper objects
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenMove project licenses to a separate class
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenKill trailing white-space
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenFormatting. No tabs please.
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenThere is no such thing as a "CSS class"
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenMove repository helper method to repository helper
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenCorrect class name for clone URL field
2011-10-05 Christian JohansenExplicitly require Gitorious authentication
2011-10-03 Christian JohansenResolve merge conflict
2011-10-03 Christian JohansenAdd ability to hide git:// URLs from repo pages
2011-10-03 Marius MathiesenMove owner related actions on the dashboard into a...
2011-10-03 Marius MathiesenAdding rake task for removing generated CSS files.
2011-09-30 Marius MathiesenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/172' of gitorious...
2011-09-30 Peter KjellerstedtMake branch_and_path() search tags before branches
2011-09-30 Peter KjellerstedtGenerate events correctly for tags with slashes
2011-09-30 Peter KjellerstedtFix the box-shadow for disable_hover elements
2011-09-30 Peter KjellerstedtMake the last double_row item look correct
2011-09-30 Peter KjellerstedtAdd disable_hover CSS attribute for tag links
2011-09-30 Peter KjellerstedtPrevent LDAP authentication with an empty password
2011-09-29 Marius MathiesenAllow displaying SSH URLs for situations where no other...
2011-09-23 Marius MathiesenWhen creating users from LDAP: replace . with -
2011-09-21 Marius MathiesenPreliminary callback support
2011-09-19 Marius MathiesenProvide a default authentication configuration with...
2011-09-19 Marius MathiesenTransform the username entered by the user.
2011-09-19 Marius MathiesenImplement auto-registration through LDAP
2011-09-19 Marius MathiesenAdding support for authentication over LDAP.
2011-09-19 Marius MathiesenConfigure LDAP Authentication with sensible defaults
2011-09-19 Marius MathiesenAdd other authentication modules when reading config...
2011-09-16 Marius MathiesenLoad authentication configuration during initialization
2011-09-16 Marius MathiesenExtracting authentication out of the User model.
2011-09-14 Rodrigo Rosenfeld... Add OpenID integration test
2011-09-13 Marius MathiesenThis requires a patch version
2011-09-13 Marius MathiesenNo need to make things more complicated than necessary.
2011-09-12 Marius MathiesenRemoving obsolete script
2011-09-12 Marius MathiesenSanitize the page parameter before putting it into...
2011-09-12 Marius MathiesenExclude layout when rendering Git timeouts for XHR...
2011-09-11 Christian JohansenDefault the API Graph controller to 100 commits
2011-09-06 Christian JohansenDefault CSS file isn't all.css anymore, it's gts-common.css
2011-09-06 Christian JohansenUp version
2011-09-06 Christian JohansenShort description of new messaging API in README
2011-09-05 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-05 Christian JohansenRestrict pagination beyond available data in all contro...
2011-09-05 Christian JohansenDisallow paging beyond available content in projects...
2011-09-05 Christian JohansenConsistent style in project unit test
2011-09-05 Christian JohansenRemove trailing space (yes, again)
2011-09-05 Christian JohansenHandle pagination errors when viewing pages with no...
2011-09-05 Christian JohansenStyle clean-up
2011-09-05 Marius MathiesenThis was reported to fail, doesn't seem to do so.
2011-09-05 Christian Johansenrefill killed what was supposed to be a heading
2011-09-02 Peter KjellerstedtDo not allow sidebar buttons to overflow
2011-09-02 Peter KjellerstedtShow abbreviated SHAs for diff links in the sidebar
2011-09-02 Peter KjellerstedtShow diff links correctly in the sidebar
2011-09-02 Christian JohansenMenu option "About" is "About", not "About Gitorious"
2011-09-02 Christian JohansenRefill sample config file (80col)
2011-09-02 Christian JohansenAllow installs to provide custom view paths, to overrid...