last changeWed, 23 Jan 2008 00:17:48 +0000 (01:17 +0100)
2008-01-23 Johan Sørensensmaller fontsize in the silly frontpage tagcloud master
2008-01-23 Johan Sørensenremove "created at" row from repos list in projects...
2008-01-23 Johan Sørensenupdate valid_sha in routes
2008-01-23 Johan Sørensenuse Gitto in the BrowserController
2008-01-22 Johan Sørensenrename class to make more sense
2008-01-22 Johan Sørenseninitial fleshout of the "Gitto" sha strainer class
2008-01-21 Johan Sørensenadded FAQ entry on trying to clone empty repositories
2008-01-21 Johan Sørensendon't error on empty commit feeds
2008-01-21 Johan Sørensenonly log info level events when performing a task
2008-01-20 Johan Sørensenfinish with newline in SshKey#to_key
2008-01-20 Johan Sørensenlint key from newlines in before_validation hook
2008-01-20 Johan Sørenseninline help texts for cloning & pushing urls
2008-01-20 Johan Sørensenshow last commit date in project overview repository...
2008-01-20 Johan SørensenToggle softwrap linkage on blob display
2008-01-19 Johan Sørensensoftwrap blob display and highlight the current selecte...
2008-01-15 Johan Sørensenmain menu css tweage
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