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last changeTue, 30 Oct 2012 10:25:41 +0000 (11:25 +0100)
2012-10-30 Christian JohansenChange gemspec for fork master
2012-10-30 Christian JohansenFix bogus indentation
2012-10-30 Christian JohansenMake thing actually work on Rails 3
2011-09-18 patricksrobertsonVersion 1.1.0 release
2011-09-18 Patrick RobertsonMerge pull request #5 from tomhughes/master
2011-09-14 Tom HughesProvide a Railtie to initialise the plugin when used...
2011-08-01 patricksrobertsonGem release 1.0.0. Updated README to markdown, added...
2011-08-01 Patrick RobertsonMerge pull request #4 from mkristian/patch-1
2011-08-01 mkristianit took me a while to figure out this extra feature...
2011-02-04 Tom HughesPass any AX response to the callback along with the...
2010-01-21 Joshua PeekWarn if inmemory store is used
2010-01-21 Joshua Peekrequire open_id_authentication from plugin init
2010-01-21 Joshua PeekRequire memcache when using memcache store
2010-01-18 Joshua Peekrack-openid already depends on ruby-openid
2010-01-18 Joshua PeekLazy include middleware
2010-01-18 Joshua PeekUse after init hook instead of to_prepare
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