2013-07-05 Christian JohansenFewer Rubies
2013-07-05 Christian JohansenCI reporter and coverage
2013-02-08 Christian JohansenChanged file
2013-02-04 Christian JohansenTravis: JRuby is out
2013-02-04 Christian JohansenVersion should also be loaded with the main lib
2013-02-04 Christian JohansenAvoid loading more than the version in the gemspec
2013-02-04 Christian JohansenFix test load path
2012-11-21 Christian JohansenDon't load relative paths
2012-11-21 Christian JohansenAdd Travis configuration
2012-11-08 Christian JohansenUp version v0.3.0
2012-11-08 Christian JohansenMerge pull request #1 from 256dpi/master
2012-11-07 Joël Gähwilertest for proper code block ending detecton
2012-11-07 Joël Gähwilernew pygments version
2012-10-23 Joël Gähwilerfixed not proper line ending detection
2012-10-15 Christian JohansenUp version v0.2.0
2012-10-15 Christian JohansenAdd accessor for list of supported markups
2012-10-05 Christian JohansenMinor update v0.1.1
2012-10-05 Christian JohansenFix gemspec v0.1.0
2012-10-05 Christian JohansenAdd examples to Readme
2012-10-05 Christian JohansenInitial commit - extracted from Dolt