2014-05-13 Marcin KulikBump version v3.0.3
2014-05-12 Marcin KulikUpdate libdolt
2014-05-12 Marcin KulikRevert "Use image_tag for images stored in app/assets...
2014-05-12 Marcin KulikRemove obsolete test
2014-05-12 Marcin KulikFix default group avatar
2014-05-12 Marcin KulikUse image_tag for images stored in app/assets/images
2014-05-09 Marcin KulikAllow passing git-daemon host:port to git-proxy via ENV
2014-05-08 Pawel PierzchalaRemove rotten file
2014-05-08 Pawel PierzchalaUse ConfigurationReader to unify accesss to configurati...
2014-05-06 Pawel PierzchalaDowngrade rugged gem
2014-05-06 Pawel PierzchalaRead authorized keys path from ENV
2014-05-05 Ken Dreyerviews: adjust spelling of "every time"
2014-05-05 Pawel PierzchalaBump libdolt
2014-04-28 Pawel PierzchalaFix tabs issues on project's merge requests page. Closes #6
2014-04-28 Ken Dreyeralphabetize project licenses
2014-04-28 Pawel PierzchalaDisable caching in tests
2014-04-28 Pawel PierzchalaUpdate zeus
2014-04-24 Marcin KulikRevert "Add skylight gem"
2014-04-24 Marcin KulikFix OAuth URL related tests of ProjectJSONPresenter
2014-04-24 Pawel PierzchalaAdd integration test for DiffBackend. Refs #5
2014-04-24 Pawel PierzchalaFix anchor links on commits list page
2014-04-24 Pawel PierzchalaDisplay info about hidden diff. Closes #5
2014-04-24 Pawel PierzchalaUse Grit interface for diffs. Refs #5
2014-04-23 Marcin KulikMake is_gitorious_dot_org == false by default
2014-04-23 Marcin KulikAdd skylight gem
2014-04-22 Marcin KulikRequire non-blank login also for users that sign up...
2014-04-21 Pawel PierzchalaAccept arguments from command line in bin/create-user
2014-04-18 Marcin KulikUp UI build
2014-04-18 Marcin KulikUse production version of react in integration tests
2014-04-18 Marcin KulikBring back "start watching" to merge request comment...
2014-04-17 Marcin KulikDisplay server side errors when editing comments
2014-04-17 Marcin KulikRemove old, server side commenting
2014-04-17 Marcin KulikImplement anchor based links to comments
2014-04-17 Marcin KulikUp UI build
2014-04-17 Marcin KulikUp UI build
2014-04-17 Marcin KulikAdd lxc provider specific configuration for Vagrant
2014-04-16 Piotr SolnicaAdd Eclipse Public License to project license
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikProcess smtp.yml with ERB
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikMake sure edit form's textarea is focused
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikHide empty comment row when no form nor comments are...
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikFocus textarea when editing comment
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikMove new comment wrapper div to AddCommentForm
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikFix focus issues with comment forms
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikExtract comment list rendering to its own component
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikDisplay comment form below comment list on commit and...
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikAdd react.js to vendor
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikRevert "Use react-rails from gitorious fork"
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikRevert "Use https url to gitorious/react-rails"
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikRevert "Move react-rails gem to default group"
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikMove react-rails gem to default group
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikUse https url to gitorious/react-rails
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikUse react-rails from gitorious fork
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikUpgrade rails to latest 3.2 version
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikIgnore public/assets
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikMake markdown editor tabbed
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikMake comment body a "bound" value for textarea
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikUse SubmitButon component in all comment forms
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikRemove debugger gem from bundle
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikDisplay loading indicator on comment button
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikInclude application.css in main layout
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikUpdate copyright headers
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikExtract comments container into partial
2014-04-11 Marcin KulikDisplay login prompt in comments section for guests
2014-04-10 Marcin KulikRequire main js bundle in app layout only when in Rails...
2014-04-10 Marcin KulikAjaxify commenting
2014-04-10 Pawel PierzchalaDon't display diffs of binary files. #5
2014-04-10 Pawel PierzchalaDisplay correct diff of MR. Closes #4
2014-04-10 Pawel PierzchalaUpdate authors
2014-04-10 Pawel PierzchalaAuthorize access to project in repositories controller
2014-04-09 Pawel PierzchalaAdd info about installer to Readme v3.0.2
2014-04-03 Marcin KulikProcess optional config files (memcache, resque) with ERB
2014-04-02 Marcin KulikAdd missing require for ERB
2014-04-02 Marcin KulikProcess gitorious.yml with ERB
2014-04-02 Marcin KulikAdd bin script for resque
2014-04-02 Marcin KulikMake bin/unicorn always use config/unicorn.rb as its...
2014-04-02 Marcin KulikFix RailsEnv class behavior for hash lookups
2014-04-01 Marcin KulikUpdate fix_missing_mr_refs rake task to fix refs in...
2014-03-24 Marcin KulikUp UI build v3.0.1
2014-03-21 Marcin KulikPrevent creation of commiter-removed events for removed...
2014-03-21 Pawel PierzchalaInherit user setting in exec script. Refs #31
2014-03-20 Pawel PierzchalaUse configs prefixed with production in scripts. Closes...
2014-03-20 Marcin KulikModel file is not an executable
2014-03-19 Marcin KulikFix comment editing paths
2014-03-19 Marcin KulikUp UI build
2014-03-18 Marcin KulikStore last MR sequence number on repository
2014-03-13 Pawel PierzchalaSort groups alphabetically. Closes #8.
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikFix push processor test expectations
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikCode re-formatting
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikCreate MR tracking repository in MR processor *synchron... 264
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikRemove obsolete expectation
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikAdd blackbox test for CreateNewMergeRequestVersion...
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikDecouple MR processing code pieces
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikEasier pushing and finding merge base when you only...
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikMake rugged_repository a private accessor as it's an...
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikAdd merge base finding support to Gitorious git abstrac...
2014-03-12 Marcin Kulikmerge_branch_name is misleading name, ref_name is THE...
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikAdd note to Gitorious::Git::Repository#push as it's...
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikReorganize code in MergeRequestProcessor
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikMove tracking repo related MR methods to its service...
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikPush to MR target repo should always be forced