2013-06-18 Christian JohansenUpdate UI and logo feature/dolt-integration
2013-06-14 Thomas Kjeldahl... Remove some pagination cruft in repo controller
2013-06-14 Thomas Kjeldahl... For repo activity page, don't do event filtering
2013-06-14 Thomas Kjeldahl... Bump justpaginate version we depend on
2013-06-14 Thomas Kjeldahl... Remove temporary bootstrap-hack
2013-06-14 Thomas Kjeldahl... Fix repo activity pagination, use latest JustPaginate
2013-06-14 Thomas Kjeldahl... Repo controller using explicit new pagination approach
2013-06-14 Thomas Kjeldahl... Repo activity views using JustPaginate
2013-06-14 Thomas Kjeldahl... Repo community: logic from view and model moved into...
2013-06-14 Thomas Kjeldahl... Merge branch 'feature/dolt-integration' of gitorious...
2013-06-14 Thomas Kjeldahl... Cut ready? check in community page
2013-06-13 Ken Dreyerfix link to resque in README
2013-06-13 Thomas Kjeldahl... Fix hardcoding of repo in repo community controller
2013-06-13 Marius MathiesenUpdate README
2013-06-13 Thomas Kjeldahl... Add barebones version of community repo page
2013-06-13 Marius MathiesenAdd a caching middleware for Dolt actions
2013-06-12 Marius MathiesenAdd Rack middleware for Dolt access control
2013-06-06 Christian JohansenFix up event rendering
2013-06-06 Christian JohansenAdd pagination to events on new repository page
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenRepository activities page in Gitorious 3 UI
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenUpdate Dolt
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenNew Dolt is no longer non-blocking
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenClean up weird routing regexp
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenFix module name confusion for Ruby 1.8.7
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenRename UserRepository as a ViewState object
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenJS-powered profile menu
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenAdd paths to user/repo payload
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenDisable admin link for every user
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenUpdate todo
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenAdd "user viewing repository" JSON payload
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenGenerate download links to new archive action
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenRemove RepositoryArchivingProcessor
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenCorrect link to tarball download
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenRedirects for Dolt
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenStrip {Trees,Blobs}Controller of their powers
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenServe archives via Dolt
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenAdd Repository#path_segment
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenAdd repository browser and initializer
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenAdd Dolt repository resolver
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenDepend on Dolt gems
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenAdd use cases for listing committers and mainlines
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenRefactor UserRequired to generic RequiredDependency
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenRemove unneeded repository finder
2013-06-03 Christian JohansenAdd repository finder
2013-05-31 Christian JohansenAvoid gems being confused about GIT_DIR in hooks
2013-05-22 Marius MathiesenDelete taggings along with project
2013-05-22 Marius MathiesenDelete MergeRequestStatus along with Project
2013-05-13 Christian JohansenMake it possible to see errors when creating user
2013-05-13 Christian JohansenNew queue name for project repository creation
2013-05-13 Christian JohansenCreate users with use cases in auth backends
2013-05-09 Christian JohansenProperly expire email alias caches
2013-05-09 Christian JohansenFix identity url validation tests
2013-05-06 Christian JohansenSplit up user controller
2013-05-03 Christian JohansenOpen ID user controller
2013-05-03 Christian JohansenExtract activate user command
2013-05-03 Christian Johansenrender_template takes options
2013-05-02 Christian JohansenRemove superfluous assert
2013-05-02 Christian JohansenAdd avatars controller
2013-05-02 Christian JohansenPasswords controller
2013-05-02 Christian JohansenAdd tests for user activations controller
2013-05-02 Christian JohansenRemember user data when failing to post form
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenMake sure repository form remembers values
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenMake sure project form remembers values
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenEmail uses format from email validator
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenAdd user watchlist controller
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenFix minor issues
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenMembership validator test name
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenAdd user feeds controller
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenAdd user activations controller
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenPassword resets controller
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenAdd password reset use cases
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenAdd generate password reset token use case
2013-04-30 Christian JohansenAdd NilValidator
2013-04-22 Christian JohansenFix broken URL in new repository form
2013-04-22 Christian JohansenAvoid redirecting to double port
2013-04-22 Christian JohansenAbort site context filter if no site is set
2013-04-22 Francois MarierAdd a "-u" to the "Getting started" push instructions
2013-04-16 Christian JohansenExtract SSH key commands from use cases
2013-04-16 Christian JohansenMove SshKeyFile.format call to processor
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenRefactor RepositoriesController#new to use case
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'feature/use-case' into next
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenRepo clone search controller site enforcement feature/use-case
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenRepository clone search use case
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenUpdate use case to a 1.8.7 friendly version
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenInitialize repo and hooks for wikis
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenAdd project finder
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenAdd methods to group finder
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenAvoid user finder throwing on non-existent record
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenRequire necessary files
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenCreate memberships from user id and role name
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenUpdate use case
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenAdd CreateMembership use case
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenAdd missing queue mapping for resque adapter
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenRefactor ProjectAdminRequired to AdminRequired
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenComplete repository cloner processor
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenMake sure use cases loads commands/input class
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenSubscribe messaging backends to all queues
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenValidate repository clones as well
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenProvide Gitorious::App for use case ease-of-use
2013-04-15 Christian JohansenExtract RepositoryClonesController and tests