permission shenenigans
[gitorious:mainline.git] / config / routes.rb
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensenpermission shenenigans
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenadded permissions to repositories
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenadded basic Repository model, added slug to project
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenadded repository model and User#ssh_key
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenupdated css + html
2007-11-17 Johan Sørensenupdated rails
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensen- added show routes task
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensenbasic layout and other bootstrapping related things
2007-08-14 Johan Sørensen* added restful_authentication plugin
2007-08-14 Johan Sørenseninitial commit