2012-11-16 Christian JohansenReplace outdated install recipes
2012-11-16 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'feature/rails3' of
2012-11-16 Christian JohansenAllow no overrides for a given environment
2012-11-16 Marius MathiesenMake /users/new work
2012-11-16 Marius MathiesenAdding html_safe to wiki pages
2012-11-16 Marius MathiesenInclude JRuby-related gems in Gemfile.lock
2012-11-16 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'feature/rails3' of
2012-11-16 Marius MathiesenMake Page behave like a model - makes wiki page forms...
2012-11-16 Christian JohansenMoving scripts to bin/
2012-11-16 Christian JohansenSuggested development mode defaults
2012-11-16 Christian JohansenMarshalableRelation does not work. Remove.
2012-11-16 Christian JohansenPort over licenses and default_license settings
2012-11-16 Christian JohansenMastering the black art of supporting both Ruby 1.8...
2012-11-16 Marius MathiesenJRuby compatibility
2012-11-15 Christian JohansenEnvironment fixes
2012-11-15 Christian JohansenSpelling mistake
2012-11-15 Christian Johansenfrontend_server config setting
2012-11-15 Christian JohansenConfigure merge request diff timeout
2012-11-15 Christian Johansenenable_repository_dir_sharding setting
2012-11-15 Christian Johansenexception_recipients setting
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenMoving settings around
2012-11-14 Christian Johansenarchive_{cache,work}_dir in new config
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenPort git_http_{host,port,scheme} settings to new config
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenPort private repositories settings to new config
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenUse configuration loader instead of reading the file...
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenMove I18n locale configuration
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenGet repository_base_path from new configuration
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenSpelling mistake in gitorious.yml
2012-11-14 Christian Johansengitorious_user -> user, add Gitorious.ssh_daemon
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenUse more concise Gitorious::Configuration.override
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenUpdate example config for git_daemon_host/git_daemon_port
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenRemove SslRequirement and associated logic
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenChange the public diagnostics summary setting
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenRedo configuration loading (gitorious.yml)
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenAdd a few tests for default Gitorious settings
2012-11-14 Christian JohansenMake it possible to temporarily override all settings...
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenMake tests pass
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenTemporarily remove non-functional caching from model(!)
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenUse db credentials when importing data
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenUpdate RDiscount to avoid character encoding trouble
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenBenchmark is causing double render
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenUnescape safe markup
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenFormatting
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenWarn if no exception notifiers are configured
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenUnescape safe texts
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenUpdate named route
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenRemove/update old docs
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenAdd Oniguruma to Gemfile for Ruby 1.8
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenServe static assets in production as well
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenFix resque task file
2012-11-13 Christian JohansenConsitency is king
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenFix messaging adapter configuration and hooks/messaging
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenRemove invalid comment
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenRemove repo_owner_path
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenPrune misleading and outdated docs
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenImplement Reservations dynamically with Routing
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenAdd how-to-write-micro-test instructions
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenActiveSupport::SafeBuffer#to_s can't be trusted...
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenDon't use safe buffers for assertion messages
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenAction is a safe "fast class"
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenWiki push event logger test is fast
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenMost web hook generator tests are fast
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenMake sure micro and unit tests can gracefully coexist
2012-11-12 Christian JohansenAlways shim Rails for micro tests
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenPushEventLoggerTest is fast
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenCommitTest is a fast test
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenCommentCallbackTest is a fast test
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenStandaloneResolverTest is fast
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenGitShell test is fast
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenMost messaging tests are fast
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenAuthorization tests are fast
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenAlmost all authentication tests are fast
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenMore fast tests
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenSSH tests are fast
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenPushSpecParserTest is a fast test case
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenPreReceiveGuard is a fast test
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenMore fast tests.
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenBreadcrumbTest is a fast test
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenPort over public_diagnostics_summary setting
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenUse assert_match the right way
2012-11-11 Christian JohansenConfiguration: Refactor, add tests
2012-11-10 Christian JohansenConvert gitorious_support_email setting
2012-11-10 Christian JohansenConvert public_mode configuration setting
2012-11-10 Christian JohansenPort use_ssl setting to new configuration
2012-11-10 Christian JohansenStart annotating gitorious.sample.yml for next gen
2012-11-10 Christian JohansenConfiguration refactor
2012-11-10 Christian JohansenStart changing GitoriousConfig
2012-11-09 Christian JohansenFix date localization
2012-11-09 Christian JohansenFix up scripts for Rails 3
2012-11-09 Christian JohansenFix migrations so they can be run on Rails 3
2012-11-09 Christian JohansenRemove unused gems from Gemfile
2012-11-09 Christian JohansenFix all functional tests for Rails 3.2
2012-11-09 Christian JohansenUpgrade to Rails 3.2, pass all unit tests
2012-11-09 Christian JohansenPassing all tests on Rails 3.1
2012-11-09 Christian JohansenUpgrade to Rails 3.1, pass all unit tests
2012-11-08 Christian JohansenUpdate alle ActiveRecord find() usage
2012-11-07 Christian JohansenAdd todos
2012-11-05 Christian JohansenRemove very arbitrarily updated NEWS file
2012-11-05 Christian JohansenPass integration test
2012-11-05 Christian JohansenIntroduce app/{racks,middlewares}