2013-09-18 Marcin KulikDisable remove_unused_tags of ActsAsTaggableOn gem
2013-09-17 Marcin KulikUse latest libdolt
2013-09-17 Adam PohoreckiFix session issue in search repository clones test...
2013-09-17 Christian JohansenSpelling correction
2013-09-16 Marcin KulikMove the de-authentication code from controller to...
2013-09-16 Adam PohoreckiMake the session cookie secure (https only)
2013-09-16 Adam PohoreckiForward application ports to the host
2013-09-16 Christian JohansenRepo URLs should reflect HTTP(S) scheme
2013-09-16 Christian JohansenAdd missing package in upgrade docs
2013-09-16 Christian JohansenFix faulty route for repo memberships
2013-09-13 Marcin KulikUpdate libdolt to the latest version
2013-09-13 Marcin KulikFix the name of the link to remove repo members to...
2013-09-12 Marcin KulikPrioritize path with ":" separator in Gitorious::Reposi...
2013-09-12 Marcin KulikForce encoding of wiki page's toc to utf-8
2013-09-12 Marcin KulikMake the encoding check in wikize() more stable across...
2013-09-12 Marcin KulikTreat wiki page content as utf-8 string when displaying
2013-09-12 Marcin KulikFix the LooseObjectError in grit
2013-09-12 Marius MathiesenFix a bug in commenting on a merge request
2013-09-11 Marcin KulikUpdate the setup-vagrant-ubuntu script to use ruby...
2013-09-11 Marcin KulikAdd basic "red" styling for labels of form fields with...
2013-09-11 Marcin KulikFix the confusing validation message for project slug
2013-09-09 Marcin KulikUse text.erb extension for mailer templates
2013-09-09 Christian JohansenAvoid test errors due to indeterminate list sorting
2013-09-09 Christian JohansenAdd Auto-Submitted header to all generated emails
2013-09-09 Christian JohansenRender repositories as XML
2013-09-09 Adam PohoreckiStyle flash messages on front page
2013-09-06 Adam PohoreckiSet the same store for both OpenId's client and middlew...
2013-09-06 Adam PohoreckiFix an XSS issue with repository browser
2013-09-06 Adam PohoreckiLoad Gitorious::Commit in CommitsController. Closes...
2013-09-06 Christian JohansenPushProcessor; don't trip on annotated tags
2013-09-05 Marcin KulikAdd rake task for starting resque-web on port 5678
2013-09-05 Marcin KulikAdd resque-cleaner plugin for resque-web
2013-09-04 Piotr SolnicaUpdate Gemfile.lock
2013-09-04 Piotr SolnicaUse https in Gemfile
2013-09-04 Marcin KulikUpgrade unicorn to the latest version
2013-09-03 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'next' of
2013-09-03 Christian JohansenFix merge request default target_branch
2013-09-03 Adam PohoreckiLog the user in after activating account. Closes #259
2013-09-03 Adam PohoreckiFix styling of flash messages on landing page. Refs...
2013-09-03 Marcin KulikRename rm -> rm_f in assets:clear rake task
2013-09-03 Adam PohoreckiRequire new password to be at least 4 characters long...
2013-09-02 Christian JohansenAllow dots in branches when listing commits
2013-09-02 Christian JohansenMake sure empty repos have the admin button
2013-09-02 Christian JohansenDon't rely on repo for user view state
2013-09-02 Christian JohansenRelative repo path for push event without symlinks
2013-09-02 Christian JohansenUpdate newly published libdolt
2013-09-02 Adam PohoreckiMove submodule linking logic to libdolt. Closes #231 250
2013-09-02 Adam PohoreckiSupport legacy urls from gitorious. Refs #231.
2013-09-02 Adam PohoreckiMake submodules browsable. Refs #231
2013-09-02 Marius MathiesenFix bug when git:// access has been disabled
2013-08-30 Adam PohoreckiFix http cloning endpoint. Closes #253.
2013-08-30 Adam PohoreckiRedirect old code browser links to new browser. Refs...
2013-08-30 Adam PohoreckiFix legacy style of ssh endpoints. Refs #253.
2013-08-29 Marcin KulikUpdate copyright comment
2013-08-29 Marcin KulikExplicitly require event_rendering/text for Favorite...
2013-08-29 Adam PohoreckiFix commits template by avoiding dom_id on non active...
2013-08-29 Adam PohoreckiFix link to load commit data on project page. Refs...
2013-08-29 Adam PohoreckiFix issue with atom feed in users controller. Closes...
2013-08-28 Christian JohansenPublic export of public keys
2013-08-28 Christian JohansenSize limit for repository tarballs
2013-08-27 Adam PohoreckiMerge branch 'merge-requests/249' into next
2013-08-27 Adam PohoreckiUse looser check on adapater type 249
2013-08-27 Adam PohoreckiUse constants for role names
2013-08-27 Adam PohoreckiUse official guard-minitest
2013-08-27 Adam PohoreckiMake gitorious compatibile with postgres
2013-08-27 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-08-27 Marius MathiesenReplace script/repo_housekeeping with real binary
2013-08-27 Thomas Kjeldahl... Updated just_paginate dependency
2013-08-27 Thomas Kjeldahl... Compensate for will_paginate bug, move order_by clause...
2013-08-27 Thomas Kjeldahl... Use non-bootstrap-based pagination in old views
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'next' of
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenFix bug in repository activities atom feed
2013-08-26 Marcin KulikUpdate ubuntu/vagrant install script
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenFix "request merge" link target
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenDon't escape our own markup
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenLooking up the repo head is too expensive
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenDon't load repositories we're not using
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenFailing to load test dependency is not a fatal error...
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenPutsing is nice, but not right here please
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenUpdate todo file
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenReturn to URL when logging in
2013-08-26 Piotr SolnicaLoad env in resque task file
2013-08-26 Piotr SolnicaDisable Flowdock service for now
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenFix edit user resubmit form
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenUsers can log in with email/login, fix label
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'next' of
2013-08-26 Christian JohansenFix too much escaping issue #216
2013-08-23 Marius MathiesenRequire http_client in service processor
2013-08-22 Piotr SolnicaFix resque:work task
2013-08-22 Piotr SolnicaWrap admin controllers in Admin module explicitly
2013-08-22 Piotr SolnicaFix flowdock tests
2013-08-22 Christian JohansenUpdate production UI
2013-08-22 Piotr SolnicaAdd form for Flowdock service
2013-08-22 Piotr SolnicaUse github end point and add Flowdock service to the...
2013-08-22 Piotr SolnicaAdd Flowdock service
2013-08-22 Marcin KulikUpgrade Rails to 3.2.14
2013-08-22 Marcin KulikUpgrade Rails to 3.2.13
2013-08-22 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'next' of
2013-08-22 Piotr SolnicaFix SimpleCov setup in micro-tests when COVERAGE is...
2013-08-22 Piotr SolnicaSet custom groups in SimpleCov