2007-11-20 Johan Sørensencss tweakage
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensencss table color tweaks
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensenmore project details to fill out
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensentable listing of a projects repositories
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensenliquid layout
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensenuse serif fonts and better font+line-height sizes
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensenpermission shenenigans
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenadded permissions to repositories
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenlogin with email instead of username
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensensome helper Project associations
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenadded clone_url and push_url
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenmark out the mainline repos clearer in the ui
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenshow owner and other stuff when viewing a repos
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenshow clone info when viewing a repository
2007-11-19 Johan SørensenRepository knows its own url
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensen- add new repository views
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensen- moved to .html.erb style template extensions
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenrepository controller CRUD
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenuse session[:user_id] instead of session[:user]
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensendon't remember form value password for the sessions...
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenbacking out of Project#to_param for now
2007-11-18 Johan SørensenProject#to_param is the the slug
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenadded basic Repository model, added slug to project
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenadded repository model and User#ssh_key
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenupdated css + html
2007-11-17 Johan Sørensenfixed old-world style redirect, added successful user...
2007-11-17 Johan Sørensenupdated support files
2007-11-17 Johan Sørensenupdated rails
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensenadded missing projects/X spec
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensen- renamed Project#name to Project#title
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensen- added show routes task
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensenfutzing around with some more basic css and markup...
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensenbasic css added
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensenadded coverage/* to git ignores
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensen- .gitignore for DS_Store files
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensenbasic layout and other bootstrapping related things
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensen* added spec_dsl file for custom matchers
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensen* added spec_dsl file for custom matchers
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensenremoved sessions migration and added Project migration
2007-08-14 Johan Sørensennuked test/ directory
2007-08-14 Johan Sørensenadded users controller specs
2007-08-14 Johan Sørensenadded SessionsController specs
2007-08-14 Johan Sørensen* added restful_authentication plugin
2007-08-14 Johan Sørensen* added restful_authentication plugin
2007-08-14 Johan Sørensenadded spec dirs +files
2007-08-14 Johan Sørensenvendored rails 1.2.3
2007-08-14 Johan Sørensenadded RSpec and RSpec on rails plugins
2007-08-14 Johan Sørenseninitial commit